Amazing Facts and Figures About Your Gut!

There’s no way to look inside your guts without surgery, but you can at least get acquainted with some of these eye-opening facts and figures about your insides:

How many species of bacteria live in the gastrointestinal tract?
More than 400 (the majority are bifidus in the colon, and acidophilus strains in the stomach and small intestine)

What is the approximate total weight of these bacteria in an average healthy adult?
3-5 pounds

What is the surface area of the human digestive system?
About 2,700 sq. ft. (the size of a tennis court – due to folds in the intestinal walls).

What is the surface area that, in most adults, is actually clean enough to absorb nutrients efficiently?
Due to compacted, undigested food on the intestinal wall, only an area about the size of a ping-pong table is actually clean enough to absorb nutrients efficiently.

If the intestinal wall is compacted, as is the case for 80% of the population, is it true that you will need to consume more of each isolated nutrient than others with fully functioning digestive systems?
Yes. For example, the RDI (recommended daily intake) for zinc is 15 mg, whereas someone with a healthy intestinal wall may only need 5 mg per day. Why take more than you need, when a fully functioning digestive system could handle less?

How much yogurt would be required to equal the amount of active acidophilus in one serving (2 capsules) of New Earth’s Acidophilus?
20-40 quarts
Benefits of Acidophilus and Other Friendly Bacteria
o Help keep intestinal walls clean
o Produce natural antibiotics
o Create a favorable environment for “good bacteria” growth
o Produce natural B vitamins
o Improve absorption of food nutrients such as protein, and help retain minerals
o Assist in the production of enzymes that break down milk sugars
o Boost the immune system
o Aid in maintaining regular elimination

No Need to Stuff Yourself with Yogurt!
Want all the benefits of acidophilus and other friendly bacteria? No need to stuff yourself with yogurt (20-40 quarts to be exact!). Just add supplements of acidophilus, bifidus, and a full spectrum probiotic:

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