Lose Weight By The Clock!

Did you know that there are “good times” and “bad times” during the day to try to lose weight according to some doctors?

Dr. Norman Cousens did some fascinating research on what our cells are doing during a 24 hour cycle, and it turns out that some of the old adages about the best time to eat are at odds with his findings.

Morning: From 4 am to noon, the cells of our body are focused on dumping waste, manufacturing cells, and repairing cells – in short, maintenance.

Afternoon: From noon to 8 pm, the cells of our body are geared toward digestion and metabolizing.

Evening: From 8 pm until 4 am, the cells of our body are assimilating nutrients.

When Should We Eat to Lose Weight?
Since our cells are busy with building, repair, and assimilation of nutrients from 8 pm in the evening until noon the next day, it makes sense to focus most of our eating from noon to 8 pm. From noon until 8 in the evening, our cells are ready to digest, which implies that our bodies will store less fat and digest more fuel.

While this flies in the face of advice from many experts to eat a hearty breakfast, it does present another option to those of us who are not hungry in the morning. As always, take science and research with a grain of salt and do what feels best to you.

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