Dealing with Viruses: Go for the Big Guns of Natural Immunity

Have you noticed the amount of wiping, sanitizing, and germ and virus destruction that’s going on all around us? Do you find it a bit mad that we have to wipe off every surface that’s been touched before we can touch it, lest we catch the “deadly illness” from someone else?

I personally find it beyond ridiculous!

Working out at the gym has become more of a sprint to get away from germs and viruses than an exercise in cardio fitness. The way I see it, all that wiping and sanitizing might put your mind at ease, which is a good thing, but really doesn’t do much to combat the actual germs and viruses.

Don’t Be the Boy in the Bubble
We are surrounded by germs and viruses, and they don’t just live on the hand grips of the grocery cart. They are flying through the air and we are breathing them in. In fact, if you read the book “Lives of a Cell,” you’ll discover that our cells are made of germs and viruses that have been incorporated into our genetic makeup over time. So what exactly are we running from? Ourselves? After all, we have germs and viruses in our cells, doing productive work.

So unless you are prepared to at least wear a face mask all the time, wipe down every surface, and refuse to shake hands (much in the fashion of Adrian Monk), I don’t think that the “boy in the bubble” approach is really going to make life better for you. You won’t necessarily be any healthier, and you might end up a whole lot crazier.

Instead of doing all this wiping and avoiding, I suggest you go for the big guns to fight harmful germs and viruses:

Your body’s own immune system.

Your Body’s Immune System is the Best Defense
The reason we get sick isn’t because we come into contact with germs and viruses. Actually, we are in contact with germs, bacteria, viruses, and all sorts of unseen particulate beings all the time. We breathe them in. We touch them. We eat them.

Normally, despite being virtually bathed in a “germ bath” all the time, we don’t get sick because our bodies have the ability to deal with them, escorting the harmful ones out before we become ill.

Nope, we get sick when our basic immune defenses become weakened by factors like excess stress, poor nutrition, poor digestion, and too little physical exercise. So if you truly want to fight viruses and other “germy” things with real firepower, focus on building up your body’s immune system rather than wiping down every surface in site with an anti-bacterial wipe.

Boosting the Body’s Innate Immunity: An Example
Here’s an example of what I mean. A client I counsel about nutrition called me up one day asking for help. Her child had been catching every virus that came down the pike. She couldn’t figure it out. They had tried antibiotics and numerous other medications, but to no avail. She asked me if I had any “big guns” in my arsenal to help kill off all these in viral infections.

After I questioned her about her son’s diet, digestion, level of exercise, level of stress, and so forth, I realized that he was not getting enough basic nutrition to keep his body’s immune system healthy. The many courses of antibiotics had killed off the healthy bacteria that were supposed to live in his gut. These healthy bacteria, like acidophilus and bifidus (also called probiotics), are the body’s first line of defense against foreign invaders. They are also crucial for digestion, and produce B vitamins, which keep us calm and healthy.

In addition, her son had many food allergies, which meant it was difficult for her to get him to eat a well-rounded and healthy diet. He also had a number of environmental allergies, which made him more prone to being infected by viruses and other “germs.”

I suggested that my friend immediately start her son on a daily regimen of oral acidophilus and bifidus to replenish the probiotics killed off by the antibiotics. I also suggested adding bluegreen algae to his diet, as this would help cover any nutritional “gaps” created by his food allergies. To combat his environmental allergies and susceptibility to viruses, I added a nutritional supplement called for immune system support, with WGP Beta Glucan, a known immune booster that has be lab-tested as strong enough to conquer even anthrax.

Within a few weeks on this nutritional regimen, the boy’s allergies had subsided greatly, and he had not fallen victim to a single virus, despite a raging virus that was going through his school. In addition, his digestion vastly improved, thanks to the probiotics, which helped him feel a great deal more comfortable on a daily basis.

The Moral of the Story
The moral of the story is that when it comes to viruses, infections, bacteria, and other “germy stuff,” we have the big guns to fight them off. Our bodies are built to withstand and handle all kinds of germy attacks, as long as we support our immune systems. The nutritional regimen discussed above actually boils down to a very simple formula of two products:

– 1 packet of algae, probiotics, enzymes

– 1 capsule of immune support supplement (WGP Beta Glucan)

This combination is simple to take and highly effective. If you are tired of constantly wiping, sanitizing, and otherwise de-germing your environment, you might want to give this formula a try!

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