Having a Brain Fart? 3 Simple Ways to Reset Your Brain

Do you have days filled with senior moments and brain farts … but you still have to get stuff done? Whether you have a “Duh!” moment or just a case of “scatterbrain,” it can be a real bummer.

Luckily there are some simple natural ways to reset your brain.

In fact, these days even doctors and other healthcare practitioners are recognizing some of these methods, and prescribing them for their patients.

3 Simple Natural Ways to Reset Your Brain
When your brain goes on overload, you can reset it by rebalancing it, feeding it, or giving it helping it more easily “digest” information. Any of these methods work well alone, and done in combination can have a powerful effect on your ability to think.

#1: Rebalance Your Brain
John Paul Getty was a big fan of resetting his brain. How did he do that? By doing a simple exercise called cross crawling. Cross crawling is exactly what it sounds like: you just get down on the ground and crawl like a baby. But you have to do it right.

To cross crawl effectively, make sure your opposite hand and knee strike the ground at the same time. For instance, as you crawl, your left hand and right knee should land on the ground at the same time. Ditto for your right hand and left knee. This diagonal action rebalances the two sides of your brain, and helps you recover from those embarrassing “brain farts”! In fact, this same exercise has been successfully used to improve cognitive function in autistic children and children with learning disabilities.

Today, doctors are recommending a similar exercise. You simply hold your left earlobe with your right hand and your right earlobe with your left hand. Then you bend your knees into a squatting position before standing back up. This achieves a similar effect to cross crawling, and is a little easier to do when you are in an office setting or public place (although I have to add that John Paul Getty used to just close his office door and crawl around his desk!).

#2: Feed Your Brain
Our brains are made up of mostly fatty acids. More specifically, to function properly our brains need polyunsaturated fatty-acids, especially Omega-3 fatty acids. Studies show that brain tissues that are rich in Omega-3 have improved nerve-cell function. Studies (reported in Neuroscience) with lab rats demonstrate the power of this fatty acid to improve cognitive function.

Lab rats fed a diet deficient in Omega-3 showed impaired learning and memory functions. When these same rates were transferred to a diet supplemented with fatty acids, they showed a dramatic improvement in learning and memory.

Some of the richest sources of Omega-3 include blue-green algae, coldwater fish, and certain kinds of seaweed. Among these sources, the one densest in Omega-3 and least likely to contain contaminants is blue-green algae. In fact, The University of California at Berkeley Wellness Letter strongly recommends eating AFA blue-green algae as an alternative to fish oil supplements to avoid contamination.

#3: Help Your Brain Digest Information
It might surprise you, but when your brain goes into overload it is often because you (or your brain) literally can’t “digest” all the information flying around. These days we are barraged with email, voice mail, tweets, and instant messages. That’s a lot to digest. Plus, the ability to multi-task is no longer a plus, these days it is a “must.” It’s no wonder we have brain farts and feel just a wee bit insane.

To help your brain digest and process all this information, just take enzymes. This may seem odd, since people generally associate enzymes with digesting food. However, when you take enzymes without food, the enzymes roam freely around your body, digesting anything else that needs digesting. That includes helping your brain process this information.

While there are no clinical studies that prove this, many people have successfully used enzyme therapy to improve cognitive function. Taking 2-4 capsules of powerful enzymes between meals can help you think more clearly, especially when you feel overloaded.

Another option is to take herbs like Gingko Biloba. Herbs like these don’t necessarily help your brain “digest” information, but they do improve circulation to the brain, which helps you think more clearly.

Solving the “Brain Fart” Problem Naturally
The three natural methods described in this article are simple, natural, effective, and have little or no side effects. To me, that sure sounds better than artificial methods to restart the brain, such as slamming caffeine, puffing on a cigarette, or taking medication. When my brain isn’t working properly, that means my body is a little toxic or tired. I’d rather not try to restart my brain by adding in more toxins.

What about you? Give these natural methods a try … you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the speed and effectiveness of the results!

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Photo credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/carl_mueller/ / CC BY 2.0

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