Melt Off That Winter Weight Gain

I look out the window fearing that I am looking in a mirror as I see the plump rounded snowman the kids have made staring back at me. Of course he is grinning, probably knowing that his pounds will soon be melting away effortlessly as the sun has come out.

There are some things us humans can do though to help with the extra weight we add on over the winter that are almost as effortless as our grinning snowy friend.

•Drinking water moves toxins and fat out of your system.
•Taking enzymes with meals or between them boosts your metabolism.
•Using probiotics has been shown to reduce abdominal and subcutaneous fat and there has been evidence reported of the probiotic acidophilus causing an increased level of leptin (protein that can decrease appetite and increase metabolism).
•Eating 5-6 smaller meals or healthy snacks throughout the day rather than 3 bigger meals a day increases metabolism and reduces body fat.

Of course all these tips need to be accompanied by a healthy diet and exercise. Maybe a rousing snowball fight with the kids will get me started!!

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