Jump Start Your Day with Super Sun Smoothie

It’s a sunny, lazy afternoon. I’m lying in a hammock strung between two enormous palm trees; the ocean breeze and scent of tropical flowers blowing gently over me. Then I hear it. That annoying buzzing sound that seems to come at the end of all my dreams. Yes, the alarm clock. It wakes me from my pleasant tropical dream reminding me it’s time to get up, come back to reality and face another work day.

I drag into the kitchen and reach for my container of smoothie drink mix knowing it will help jump start my day so I can enjoy it almost as much as my dream.

What type of tasty breakfast drink shall I fix this morning? Part of the fun this marvelous powder brings to my morning is the creativity I employ by adding other ingredients to the already tasty drink it creates. I can add this smoothie powder to different juices or a glass of soy milk, blend in my favorite fruits, nuts, flavorings or even other supplements. By stirring or blending a serving of my smoothie mix in an 8-ounce glass of fruit juice, I create the basic pick-me-up shake with 22 grams of  organic whey protein, bluegreen alage, sprouts and enzymes.

This smoothie mix is a nutritious addition to cooking, baking, fresh fruits or breakfast cereal. You are unlimited in the types of concoctions and meals you can use your imagination to create. I think today I’ll mix it into a little yogurt, blend in some fresh blueberries and stir all that into a bowl of oatmeal. Ummm, that’s good. And now I’m ready to face my day!

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