Pets Are People Too

Betty, the elderly woman who lives next door to me, has a miniature apricot poodle named Mandy. Mandy is Betty’s constant companion and I never see one without the other. Betty keeps her immaculately groomed with a different colored bow in her hair each day, feeds her the highest quality dog food, takes her for walks twice a day and talks to her throughout the day as if she is a human roommate.

Betty is a widow; her children grown and living in cities far away. Mandy is the most important “person” in her daily life. She keeps Betty company, gives her focus and someone to care for, gives her unconditional love and limitless amounts of joy. I know Betty keeps herself healthy by eating healthy foods, exercising and she takes bluegreen algae. I know this because she gets it through my nutritional supplement business. I recently asked her if she had considered algae for Mandy. Her astonished response was, “I never thought of that”. As much as her life centers around Mandy and as much as she does to keep Mandy healthy, it never occurred to her that algae would work for Mandy the same way it works for herself.

Algae does work for pets just like for us humans. Our favorite algae for pets is this powdered blend and this powdered blend with glucosamine added. The regular powdered blend contains bluegreen algae, a mix of probiotic, prebiotics and enzymesc  and antioxidant-rich wheat sprouts. The enhanced powdered blend contains all that and 700 mg of glucosamine per teaspoon for health joint support.

An alternative supplement that works good is these convenient packets that have 2 types of algae, acidophilus, bifidus and enzymes in each packet used by many people for their pets, from cats and dogs to horses. Either of the powdered blends are easier for some pet owners to give as they are in a powder form that can be sprinkled over food or dissolved in the water bowl. For pets who will take capsules easily enough, some owners open a supplement packet and give one capsule a day over 6 days, then start a new packet. Others divide the packet into light colored capsules at one feeding and dark colored ones at another feeding.

Good nutrition for our pets, just like for people, adds to overall health meaning less doctor or vet bills and longer quality lifespan. After all, our pets are a part of our families and some of the most important “people” in our lives. Bluegreen algae can help us keep them happy, healthy, and active for all their years.

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