Enzyme Therapy – Using the Right Enzymes

We’ve all heard the old saying “You Are What You Eat”, but if you really think about this it should be changed to “You Are What You Can Digest”. In our age of fast food, processed foods and foods cooked with no active enzymes, we do not get the nutrition our bodies need from the foods we are eating. The pancreas, liver and spleen are all stressed to produce the enzymes that our diets fail to provide. No matter how healthy we try to eat, modern foods and the ways they are processed just don’t provide what we need. Enzyme Therapy is a must to supplement our diets.

Enzymes are necessary to aid digestion by metabolizing fat, proteins and carbohydrates and to be absorbed into the blood to clean long-term residual food particles. Since we don’t get the enzymes we need straight from our foods, we need to have a little Enzyme Therapy to get the right enzymes into our diets. There are 4 types of food enzymes that our bodies need and each has its own role to play:

1. Lipase – breaks down fat molecules and helps the body store fat. A shortage of lipase can compromise the circulation and contribute to high blood pressure and high cholesterol and degrade the immune system.

2. Protease – breaks down proteins to produce amino acids vital to growth and health of our bodies

3. Cellualse – breaks down cellulose which is found in fruits and vegetables we eat.

4. Amylase – breaks down starch molecules and has been found to relieve mental fatigue and help in maintaining a healthy mind and body.

Exactly how important are food enzymes to one’s health? Dr. Edward Howell after completing his enzyme research, Food Enzymes For Health Longevity, stated, “Diets deficient in enzymes cause a 30% reduction in life-span.” His recommendation is to take capsules of concentrated plant enzymes to supplement our diets.

Let us introduce you to our favorite 2 basic enzyme products to help with the supplementation of your diet and make sure you get the right enzymes.

The first enzyme product – contains amylase, cellualse, lipase, protease and lactase for more efficient digestion and also contains MycoPepsin, the first enzyme on the market that works in a low pH environment. As food digests, the stomach becomes more acidic. These enzymes remain active in a highly acidic environment.

The second enzyme product – contains a plant based enzyme blend of 12 active enzymes. Also has blue-green algae, fennel seed, ginger root and cayenne pepper to further aid in digestion. As with our other favorite enzymes, these enzymes remain active in a highly acidic environment.

Supplementing your diet with enzymes  allows you to digest your food to the fullest and get the nutrition your body needs. You can be what you eat with a little enzyme therapy.

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