Caffeine, Prozac, Ambien – The Staple American Diet

I’m being sarcastic, of course, but not really. While indulging in watching TV, another staple of the American lifestyle, I loved this quote from “Royal Pains,” when asked what medications she takes:

“In addition to my blood pressure meds, the same as everyone else. Ambien to go to sleep, caffeine to wake up. Paxil to make it through the day …”

With 20 million Americans complaining of chronic stress and 95% of doctor visits being for stress, this quote is to be believed. Americans ARE on a lot of drugs to go to sleep, wake up, and stay calm and collected.

But there is another way …

Natural Solutions to Wake Up and Go to Sleep
While there are definitely people who need pharmacological solutions for waking up and going to sleep, there are also natural solutions worth exploring–solutions that are not addictive and do not interfere with the body’s normal waking and sleeping cycle.

Here are 3 quickies worth trying:

  • Wake Up: Instead of chugging caffeine, try taking a brisk walk and a hot shower. Note that you may have “caffeine headaches” for a week or so when you go off caffeine. You can alleviate these headaches by taking a dose of slow-release magnesium with tonic water each night and each morning as needed. Magnesium calms the nerves while tonic water has quinine, which eases any aches and pains you may have upon waking up caffeine free.
  • Go to Sleep: If you have trouble sleeping, try some homeopathics. Hyland’s Calms Forte works wonders. Avoiding caffeine will also help your body sleep at the right time. A warm bath before bed can also help.
  • Stay Calm during the Day: Take several capsules of bluegreen algae during the day. The  whole algae cell keeps you physically energized yet calm, while the  center of the algae calms your mind and increases mental energy.

These are simple natural solutions that may really help your body behave energetically yet naturally during the day … as you wake up, go through your day, and go to sleep!

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