Want to Feel Like a Superhero? Try Superfoods

Superfood sounds like something we all need to be superheroes in our lives, right? But what are they, really?

Superfoods are super-concentrated whole food sources of essential nutrients, especially nutrients that our bodies do not make by themselves. Superfoods give us more “bang for the buck” than other health foods like salads because they are much more concentrated, delivering more nutrition gram for gram.

Many superfoods are green, such as:

Blue-green and green algae
Chlorella and spirulina
Wheat and barley grasses

Here are some other superfoods, according to Dr. Perricone (as featured on Oprah):

The Allium Family
Beans and Lentils
Hot Peppers
Nuts and Seeds
Yogurt and Kefir

Variety is important when incorporating superfoods into your diet. Also, be careful as some of the items on the second list above can prove fattening if you eat them in excess. Otherwise enjoy!

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