How Long is the Road to Real Health?

People with health issues or conditions that get sick a lot quite frequently want to know when they will find real health. This is a tricky question to answer, depending on how long the person has been ill, the strength of the person’s will to recover, and any number of other factors. In other words, there is no single answer to this question. Instead, I have three answers to this question.

Three Factors That Affect Attaining Real Health
While every individual’s situation is unique, in general I find there are three rules of thumb that govern the length of recovery time to true health. True health is achieved when …

#1 … The Years of Illness Equal the Months of Wellness
This rule of thumb applies particularly to people who suffer from chronic types of illness, such as arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, and migraine headaches. For every year that you have been ill, give yourself at least one month for recovery. If you have had migraine headaches for five years, then give yourself at least five months to recover once you start on a program of wellness that improves your symptoms.

Notice that the clock that counts the months toward recovery only starts ticking when you find a wellness regimen that works for you. You can spend years experimenting with various remedies, but this rule of thumb doesn’t kick in until you start a program that actually improves your health. And this leads us to the second rule of thumb.

#2 … You Craft a Wellness Program That Works for You
Healthcare experts, doctors, and all manner of healers are great at suggesting possible solutions to restore you to wellness. However, you are your own best health advocate. You alone possess the native wisdom to know when a healthcare plan is working for you, and when it is working against you.

So while you can and should consult healthcare practitioners for advice, always consider the effects of any particular regimen from a very personal standpoint. Keep a journal, if necessary, to track the effectiveness of specific remedies or healthcare approaches. If a prescribed healthcare solution feels wrong to you, be a strong advocate for yourself and look for a solution that feels right. I find that people who actively participate in their own healing, or even spearhead their own healing efforts, are more likely to be restored to wellness.

#3 … You Can Stick to a Regimen That Works for You
It is one thing to discover a healthcare regimen that produces good results, and entirely another thing to stick to that regimen consistently. I attend a yoga class in which the instructor once said, in a very frank manner: “If you only do yoga one or two days a week, you are wasting your time. If you do yoga three times a week, you will feel gradually better over a long period of time. But if you do yoga four or more times a week, you will feel healthier, stronger, and more vibrant in quantum leaps.”

I agree wholeheartedly, having done yoga almost every day for over 50 years. Yoga, like any other healthcare practice, produces good results only if done consistently. Doing yoga only once a week can actually be more painful than doing it four times a week, because allowing 7 days to pass between sessions means your muscles contract, and you have to stretch them out all over again (rather painfully).

So one of my rules of thumb about how long it takes to achieve real health is that you will rarely achieve it unless you consistently practice a healthcare regimen that works for you.

The End Result: Real Health
Using these three simple rules, you can fairly easily craft a healthcare regimen that can restore you to health quite quickly. For instance, I counseled one woman who sought nutritional advice for her irritable bowel syndrome, which had troubled her for over a decade.

I recommended that she add the these packets of high quality supplements to her daily regimen. They include enzymes, acidophilus, and bifidus, all of which soothe the digestive tract and aid digestion. These daily packs also include two forms of blue-green algae, which provide the necessary vitamins, minerals, and trace minerals the body needs to heal the digestive tract.

This woman, having suffered from IBS for so long, was deeply motivated. She stuck with the Essentials religiously, never missing a single day. Within nine months, she had almost fully recovered and had almost normal digestive function. That’s pretty close to the rule of thumb that relates years of illness to months of recovery time.

I hope that this example also provides strong inspiration for people who have chronic illnesses and feel helpless. Recovery and real health are always possible … hopefully these three rules of thumb help!

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