Back to School: How to Boost Your Child’s Immune Function

It’s the time of year to really start thinking about how to boost your child’s immune function. The kids are back in school and for many of us life has returned to the school schedule daily routine. That can often mean rushing around in the morning scrambling for homework and backpacks while Mom and Dad are also trying to get ready for work. Breakfast is often on the run and maybe not the most nutritious of meals. But children spending the greatest part of their day in close proximity with other children are being exposed to all types of germs which can lead to infections that will strip them of vital body nutrients. “Multiple, closely spaced, or severe infections are the most frequent cause of childhood malnutrition.” (Beisel W. History of nutritional immunology: introduction and overview. Journal of Nutrition. March 1992; 122(3 Suppl):591-6.). So what can you do to naturally protect your children’s health and how to boost your child’s immune function?

How to Boost Immune Function
Nutrients that support immune function include Vitamin A, beta-carotene, zinc, iron, B-vitamins, amino acids, polyunsaturated fatty acids and nucleotides. All of these are abundant in microalgae. In fact studies of school children show a dramatic increase in school attendance due to a decrease in sick days for those that eat AFA blue-green algae. The carotenoids in AFA blue-green algae have also been shown to enhance immune function by giving protection to the thymus gland and antioxidant protection to white blood cells and other immune cells. Animal studies have found that those fed algae were the least likely to contract disease. (Jeffrey Bruno, Edible Microalgae) bluegreen algae that is the whole, complete algae,  provides essential fatty acids, proteins, complex sugars, vitamins, minerals, and essential amino acids. Supplementing your child’s diet with blue-green algae is a natural way to support his or her immune function.

Acidophilus is another way to help boost immune function. We usually think of acidophilus as a support for digestive health, but since it produces B-vitamins and acidophilin it also aids in immune function support. Acidophilus also aids the body’s ability to absorb nutrients.

How to Boost Immune Function on a Daily Basis
I know though that on a rushed morning trying to get everyone out the door to school and work, there often isn’t time to dole out supplements from several bottles. The easy answer to how to boost immune function on those busy mornings is to hand out packets that contain two kinds of algae, an enzyme, an acidophilus capsule and a bifidus capsule.

How to Boost Immune Function to Combat Illness
We’ve all seen how “bugs” get passed around the schoolroom from child to child. If you know there is a bug going around your child’s class, this immune system support supplement  can help give an extra boost to their immune function through supporting the production and activity of white blood cells. This supplement contains the active ingredient WGPtm beta glucan which has been scientifically shown to activate macrophages (type of white blood cell that is body’s first line of defense). Studies at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University and John Hopkins University have all documented its potential as an immunity booster. For those times your child needs extra immune support to fight off the bug going around, you can supplement his or her diet with this supplement and give an extra 5-10 capsules of acidophilus (nature’s antibiotic).

Supplementing your children’s diet with these high quality supplements when illness is around can give them the extra edge for optimal immune function and learning time uninterrupted by sickness.

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