Natural Solutions for Circulation and Heart Function

Looking at natural solutions for circulation and heart function starts with researching the risk factors for heart problems. We have all heard about the obesity problem in the United States and about programs to start children learning to eat healthy diets to avoid becoming obese adults. This is due to so many of our diets having an over abundance of fats including saturated fat. Diets high in fat can lead to elevated levels of LDL cholesterol (yup, that’s the bad one) and buildup of fatty deposits in arteries and contribute to the risk of heart problems.

Most heart associated deaths are caused by heart attacks and congestive heart failure. High blood pressure, obesity, irregular heartbeat and other conditions that overwork the heart can weaken it and lead to congestive heart failure.

Natural Solutions: The Facts
Public health expert, Albert Sanchez, Ph.D. did a study in 2000 with high school students examining obesity and heart disease risk factors and found that more than 80% had diets exceeding the recommended levels of total fat and saturated fat. More than a third of them had elevated LDL cholesterol levels and many had early build up of fatty deposits in the carotid artery. All of these are risk factors for heart disease and other health problems later in life.

A study from the University of California was conducted on children with inherited tendency towards high cholesterol. It was found that antioxidants seemed to improve the condition of the blood vessels by helping neutralize free radical molecules that prevent dilation of blood vessels. (Jeffrey Bruno, PhD, Edible Microalgae)

Natural Solutions for Risk of Heart Disease
Fruits and vegetables which are good sources of antioxidants can help lower the risk of heart disease. Microalgae, which is a rich source of antioxdants and offers a balance of essential fatty acids, has also been found to be a good natural solution to add to the diet. The beta carotene in algae also makes it a good natural solution to help reduce elevated LDL oxidation in those with diabetes. “Greenland Eskimos, whose traditional diet was high in coldwater fish that eat blue-green algae, had little cardiovascular disease.” (Jeffrey Bruno, PhD, Edible Microalgae) according to a study by Smith D et al., Lipids. 1989; 24:70-5.

AFA algae is also high in polyunsaturated fatty acids and has a high percent of omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 has been found to be severely lacking in the American diet and is helpful in supporting heart function and lowering blood pressure.

Supplementing the diet with coenzyme Q10 has been shown through scientific studies to have remarkable results on cardiovascular health and immunity. This  coenyme Q10 supplement offers this essential coenzyme as well as cold-pressed flaxseed oil, which is one of the richest sources of omega-3 and has omega-6 fatty acids, has carotenoids from red beta algae, contains a combination of antioxidants and bluegreen algae.

Natural Solutions: The Bottom Line
Natural solutions for keeping your heart strong and healthy include eating a heart healthy diet and adding superfoods rich in essential fatty acids and coenzyme Q10. Adding this coenzyme Q10 supplement to your diet is a simple natural solution to get all the supplementation to your diet that research has shown is essential to maintaining good heart health. 

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