Why You Should Go “Wild” With Supplements

A lot of people come to me for nutritional counseling and I always suggest that they “go wild” when they choose their supplements. When I say “go wild,” I don’t mean that they should go buy up everything in the vitamin aisle, I mean that they should consider supplements that are made from wild, organic, whole foods. These kinds of supplements benefit is in four different ways.

1. Wild Foods Fit Our Bodies
Foods from nature are made to suit our bodies. We are all part of the same ecosystem and wild foods, especially ancient foods that have been on the planet for millions of years, strengthen our genetic and cellular integrity.

2. Whole Foods are Easily Absorbed
Our bodies often require enzymes, co-enzymes, and other co-factors to absorb and use vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. Synthesized supplements often lack these co-factors, so our bodies can’t use the supplements. They often just come out the other end. On the other hand, whole foods have a much higher absorption rate, so we get more nutrition for every bite.

3. Balanced Mineral Ratio
It’s very important for the food we eat to have balanced mineral ratios. Many disease conditions are caused by imbalanced mineral ratios, so taking supplements that don’t have a balanced mineral ratio can worsen pre-existing health conditions. Luckily, Mother Nature produces foods that tend to have balanced mineral ratios, so whole foods are always better than artificially created supplements.

4. Organic Foods Are Not Polluted
Many of the chemicals used in farming cause the vitamins and minerals in our food to be unavailable for our bodies to use, not to mention that these chemicals can cause serious health problems. Organically-certified foods meet a rigorous standard of testing and contain far fewer harmful ingredients.

So when you go to the health food store to pick out your daily supplements, go wild, go green, go natural, go organic. In other words, go healthy!

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