Aging Gracefully by Erasing Wrinkles

Aging gracefully can be interpreted many different ways and each person probably has his or her own concerns when it comes to getting older. For many people aging gracefully encompasses how they look. This isn’t just attributed to vanity, it is also very practical in many cases. A job, relationship or one’s own self-esteem can sometimes be connected to maintaining a youthful appearance. Keeping youthful looking skin as part of aging gracefully also means having healthy skin. Since skin is our largest body organ and the first line of defense in the immune system, it is also a matter of health. Here are some things to consider when striving for healthy skin and less wrinkles in aging gracefully.

Tobacco and Alcohol
Smokers develop lines and wrinkles much faster than non-smokers. This is usually due to smoke containing so many damaging ingredients, as well as the constant drying effect of smoke wafting over the skin. Alcohol dehydrates the body, which can contribute to dry skin and wrinkles.

Exercise, even gentle exercise, increases circulation throughout the body. This helps your skin by flushing toxins from your skin cells. Improved circulation also helps your skin cells receive more oxygen and nutrients, which experts believe can stave off wrinkles and other signs of aging skin.

Skincare Diet

Studies have shown that eating foods high in the antioxidants vitamin C and E can help protect skin from UV damage and those foods particularly high in vitamin C can help fight dry skin and wrinkles. Studies have also shown that omega 3 fatty acids help hydrate skin and help in reducing wrinkles. Cold water fish such as salmon, cod, and mackerel are a good source of omega 3 and protein which is also important for healthy skin. If your diet is lacking in omega 3’s then the solution for you may be supplementing your diet with AFA blue-green algae, one of Earth’s perfect foods for healthy skin as it has the exact ratio of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Folic acid minimizes wrinkles in the skin and keeps the skin feeling smooth. The name “folic” comes from the word “foliage,” so leafy greens and foods high in chlorophyll are excellent sources of folic acid. Unfortunately, most people are deficient in folic acid, and some experts say folic acid is the most common vitamin deficiency in the world. Having healthy bacteria in your gut will help your body produce folic acid. Pantothenic acid is thought to decrease wrinkles in skin, as well as decrease stress. This vitamin is widely available in meats and vegetables.

Expressions and Positions
Sleep position is a risk factor for aging facial skin. If you sleep in the same position for years–and your face comes in contact with the pillow while in that position–you might end up with a permanent “sag” plus wrinkles wherever your face touches your pillow. Experts now suggest sleeping on your back to avoid this problem. Similarly, certain facial expressions made over time such as squinting, can create a groove under the surface of the skin. This can turn into a wrinkle. Be aware of those facial expressions that wrinkle skin and find ways to avoid them.

Feed Your Skin From the Outside

“Feed” your skin with antioxidant lotion that has a custom blend of all-natural, premium ingredients with food-grade nutrients. Antioxidants support skin health and can lessen the look of wrinkles, sags, and uneven tone. This lotion  has high-powered antioxidants that really nourish the skin, including beta-glucan, blue-green algae, vitamin E, A and C and aloe vera and other key ingredients that nourish your skin while leaving it soft without an oily feel. The beta-glucan protects your skin from sun damage, gives your skin an immune boost, and soothes any overactive histamine reactions. The algae provides each skin cell with tons of nutrients for repair and nourishment. Finally, the vitamin E and aloe vera replenish your skin’s moisture content and soothes any inflammation.

So don’t give yourself “worry lines” over aging gracefully and keeping youthful looking skin. It doesn’t have to be difficult to keep those wrinkles at bay. Just adopt some or all these skincare tips and your skin will show the benefit.

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