Confused About the Alphabet Soup of Food Certifications?

We certainly used to be confused! After all, who can keep up with the difference between GMO and GMP? Or organic versus natural? It’s difficult without a doubt. But knowing the difference in the quality of and certifications assigned to the food you eat makes a HUGE difference.

For instance:
GMO = Genetically Modified Organism (Yikes!)
GMP = Good Manufacturing Practice — means the product has passed the standards set by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) to be pure and contain only the listed ingredients (more here:

Organic = Means the product has met the strict safety, purity, and environmental impact regulations set by the USDA (more here:

Natural = Is a word that anyone can slap onto any product without any certification or testing.

Why Is This Important?
As your wallet has probably informed you, anything with certification or keyword on it tends to be more expensive. Thus finding pure foods that are harvested in an eco-friendly manner, and remain pure and nutritious can be difficult to find. Finding products that meet all of those standards AND are affordable can be even more difficult.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of products from one of our favorite companies, New Earth, showing you exactly which products have which certifications, so you can shop these products with confidence.


Vegan Foods
Wild Bluegreen Body
Wild Bluegreen Mind
Wild Bluegreen Blend
Essentials Blend
BG Bar
Wild Water
Wild Forest
Wild Earth
Enzymes Plus

Vegetarian Formulas

Non Vegetarian Products
Super Q-10
*If you suck out the contents of the Energize and SuperQ10, and spit out the capsules, they are both vegan.

Square Meal
While the Square Meal has brown sugar and other ingredients, you must realize that for the target market, it’s a huge upgrade in diet.  It tastes good too.  This is the product that you can contribute to the feeding programs.

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