Want to Be of Service? Put Healthy Food in the Mouths of People Who Need It!

According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization statistics from 2010 to 2012, an estimated 870 million people are undernourished. That is a lot of people that don’t have access to healthy food, one out of every eight people in fact. (http://www.worldhunger.org/articles/Learn/world%20hunger%20facts%202002.htm). Being of service to help supply healthy food to those who need it is something I am able to do through the company I am affiliated with. The GIVE program that started back in 1992 began with sharing a portion of the AFA bluegreen algae harvested from Klammath Lake each year with people and animals around the world that don’t have access to healthy food. From there this program has grown to supporting impoverished and undernourished children, adults, and animals in such places as Belarus, the Dominican Republic, Ghana, Guatemala, Haiti, India, Kenya, the Philippines and Tibet, as well as North and Central America.

How We Help
The Home Office team and individual teams of Associates have been providing whole superfood products for years to people in North America, around the world, natural disaster survivors, and overseas troops in war zones that are in need of healthy food. The GIVE programs are designed to do more than that however. These projects provide nutritional and financial contributions designed to have a positive, sustainable impact on the lives of people in need by nourishing them on every level and empowering them through personal and local economic growth. In addition to programs that address the world hunger problem, GIVE initiatives also provide shelter, training, support and education for youth, survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence, and abused wildlife, exotic and farm animals.

So are we making a difference? Let’s take the example of a study done in Nicaragua and let you decide for yourself. This study began by looking at the fact that malnutrition affects a great many children and families in Nicaragua. More than half of the deaths of children there are due to malnourishment. Malnourishment in children also causes school problems such as lack of ability to focus, poor attendance, participation and performance. The Nicaragua Report from 1995, reports the effects of AFA bluegreen algae on the nutritional status and school performance of 1st, 2nd and 3rd graders in Nicaragua. 1 gram of an AFA supplement was given to a group of these students everyday for six months. The study observed and charted physical appearance, nutritional status, school attendance, behavior and academic performance. At the end of the six month period, the children being fed AFA bluegreen alage showed significant improvement in all areas, while the children in the control group continued to show worsened conditions.

How You Can Help
The Nicaragua Report is one example that shows how providing malnourished people with AFA bluegreen algae provides them a healthy food source for energy, protein, essential fatty acids, vitamins and the antioxidant properties that can help support good health. Our company now is offering an opportunity for you to help in the fight against world hunger. The idea operates on the basis of creating a product line that will provide the best natural nutrition to those that need it the most. These products will be convenient, delicious, able to be consumed by any age group and under any circumstance. The icing on this cake is that these products will also be commissionable so that Associates with the company can build their own businesses while donating products that help feed the world. The first product available in this line that can be purchased now by Associates or by anyone for donation is an instant breakfast cereal mix that not only is full of superior nutrition with a broad range of amino acids, minerals, high quality fiber, micronutrients and daily needed vitamins, but also includes a serving of AFA bluegreen alage mixed in. It can be mixed with either hot or cold water, juice or milk. When you purchase one of these meal packs, it will be shipped directly to Feeding America which distributes them to hungry Americans through a network of food banks.

It seems like there are so many complicated issues we face today. World hunger is one that we can do something about that is quick and easy through the GIVE programs. Just think how much healthy food we could provide for malnourished children and adults if we all made a commitment to donate at least one of these cereal meal packs every month. If you are looking for a way to give to others and want to help serve by feeding the hungry, we invite you to join us by purchasing a GIVE meal pack today.

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