5 More Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

Food is the fuel for our bodies and to keep from becoming overweight we have to burn off what our bodies don’t use and want to store as fat. Giving a boost to your metabolism is one way of helping to burn off those extra calories. In our last newsletter we covered 7 ways of how to boost your metabolism, here are a few more metabolism boosting tips.

1. Gain Muscle To Boost Your Metabolism
Muscle gain is one way to boost your metabolism because muscle burns many more calories than fat as it uses more energy. Eating more lean protein than carbs is one way to gain muscle. Doing regular strength-training or resistance training exercise is another and will help preserve the muscle you build. This would include exercises of the type that cause the muscles to contract against an external resistance to increase strength, tone, mass or endurance. The external resistance could be from objects such as weights or dumbbells or even your own body weight or exercise mat such as with lunges, leg abductions or plank type exercises. According to Gary Hunter, PhD, a professor of human studies at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, doing strength training even a couple of times a week sets your metabolism at a higher rate so that it stays high even on days you don’t get your exercise routine in.

2. Eat Dairy to Boost Your Metabolism
A study at the University of Copenhagen reports that calcium helps boost your metabolism by speeding up the process of the body getting rid of fat as waste. The best way to get the calcium for this type of metabolism boost is from foods such as low-fat dairy. Not getting enough calcium in the body can actually release the same hormone that makes the body store fat. If you are not a big dairy fan or have allergies or intolerances to dairy, spinach, bok choy, mustard greens, broccoli, sardines, fortified cereals and juices, beans, tofu, and fish are other sources of calcium from foods.

3. Don’t Skimp On Calories to Boost Your Metabolism
When trying to lose weight, many people cut way down on calories. The problem with doing this is that the body goes into “starvation mode” which means it slows down the fat burning process in order to conserve energy. Instead be sure you consume the same amount of calories each day that your resting metabolism would burn off. For example, for a woman who is 40 years old, around 5’4″, and weighs 150 pounds, she should consume 1330 calories daily.

4. EPOC to Boost Your Metabolism
According to Walt Thompson, PhD, professor of kinesiology and health and nutrition at Georgia State University, you can boost your metabolism by working out harder and more often. This kicks in EPOC which is the acronym for post exercise oxygen consumption. You know you are raising your metabolism when doing a workout, but it also takes your body a while to re-cover from intense workouts so your metabolism can stay high for several hours afterwards. The downside of this is that the more in shape your body is the quicker energy stores are replaced so you have to keeping upping the ante so to speak on your exercise. One solution for this might be to do multiple exercise periods instead of one workout all at one time.

5. Supplements To Help Boost Your Metabolism
Eating fish such as salmon, herring, cod, and tuna can help boost your metabolism because they are loaded with omega-3 fatty acids which keep blood sugar levels stable and help regulate metabolism. There is also some evidence that omega-3 reduces resistance to a hormone that is active in fat burning. AFA bluegreen algae is also high in omega-3 fatty acids as well as being a protein source which can help with muscle building. A convenient way to get all the superfood nutrition of AFA bluegreen algae is in a convenient powder  form that can be added to a smoothie, juice, water or even sprinkled over foods. This powder has an even blend of two forms of AFA, with the cell wall and without, and supplies complex sugars, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

Adding more enzymes to your diet between and at meals can also help boost your metabolism and help your body get the most nutrition it can out of the foods you eat. Probiotics help your body process and digest the foods you eat and move them through the digestive system. You can get all the advantages of an AFA bluegreen powder as well as probiotics, prebiotics, and enzymes in this algae powder supplement.

Being overweight can lead to high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, breast cancer, colon cancer and other health conditions. Eating a healthy diet and getting regular exercise and sleep can go a long way to keeping the weight down. As we get older though it gets harder to burn off extra calories. Try some of the metabolism boosting tips and see what works for you. Getting your metabolism to help burn off the extra calories your body isn’t using for fuel will help keep your weight under control and improve your overall health.

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