Give a Square Meal to the Hungry This Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving will be here and gone and some of us will have missed the opportunity to express our gratitude. The expression of gratitude through serving at a soup kitchen is one rewarding way to share your blessings by providing a square meal to those that don’t often have one. For yourself keeping a gratitude journal is a great way to chase the holiday blues away and a self-rewarding way to perpetuate the idea of thanksgiving throughout the year with a daily reminder of all there is to be grateful for. Sometimes the most frustrating and challenging family and personal crisis can be the springboard of growth when we look for the messages and learn from them through the practice of gratitude.

Sharing your gifts with others through donations can be a rewarding expression of gratitude. When you send that check to your favorite charity you never know how much will actually go to feeding the hungry and less fortunate. Or to be even more discerning with your charitable dollars how much of the food your dollars actually buys is of quality ingredients providing a nutritious square meal.

As I am somewhat self-indulgent I have always been grateful for Thanksgiving pies. Did you know that in the 17th and 18th centuries pocket pies were given to travelers and labors so that they could have a nutritious square meal during their travels, in the fields or on the scaffolds of work? In carrying on this tradition there is one way to ensure the idea of Thanksgiving throughout the year by sending this nutritious boxed square meal to help feed impoverished and undernourished children, adults, and animals all over the world. By ordering this type of donation you will be able to share your gratitude and blessings with those less fortunate, while enjoying your holiday pies. This square meal can be mixed with either hot or cold water (or with juice or milk, according to availability and preference) and quickly dissolves into a delicious granola-flavored meal. In addition to a daily dose of vitamins that meet or exceed the daily requirement for children of all ages, each serving of this cereal also delivers a significant measure of AFA bluegreen algae–nature’s perfect food!

This Thanksgiving enjoy the festivities with family and friends and consider sharing all the blessings you have gratitude for with others. There are so many ways to pay it forward from simply holding a door open for someone whose hands are full to volunteering at a hospital or soup kitchen. Even the busiest of us can take a few minutes to place an order online that will provide a box of 30 nutritious meals to someone in need. 

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