Want to Build Muscle? Hope is Not a Strategy. Try This Instead

Muscle tends to burn calories even when just resting, so when you build muscle, you give a boost to any weight loss plan you are on. The good news is that there are lots of strategies for losing weight and building muscle, so you have a good chance of finding one that works for you. The bad news is that you can’t just wish yourself into better shape or hope that you’ll fit into those tight jeans without involving that four letter word, “work”. Or in this case exercise, ie. workout. Since the last thing most of us need though is more work or one more thing to add to our schedules, let’s look at some ways to take the “work” out of “workout”.

Take the Work out of Workout
You can take the edge off of the “work” by using simple strategies to make your workouts more rewarding and productive. For example, if you begin with stretches to flex those muscles and remember to hold those stretches for 20 to 30 seconds before more strenuous exercising, your body will be better prepared to get the most out of a workout. Music is a great strategy for taking “work” out of workouts. Listening to music during your workout can help keep you motivated, focused and make your workout more fun. Doing bursts of higher intensity exercise alternated with slower exercising is another calorie busting tip. Two minutes of high intensity followed by two minutes of cool-down exercise to burn more calories and build more muscle. Another way to make sure you get all your exercise in without stopping your day to do a workout is to count all the movement you do during the day. Walking is a prime example. Look for ways to add to your walking every day. That may mean walking to lunch instead of driving, walking your children to school, walking upstairs instead of taking the elevator or if you’re really stuck inside, just walk in place at your desk or walk around your office. Look for other exercises you can work into your day. Maybe do leg lifts while folding laundry, ride your bike to the park nearby instead of driving, go dancing instead of going to the movies, or do lunges while watching TV. If you’re not used to exercise, take it slow in the beginning and work your way up. Also be sure to check with your healthcare provider to see if there are any exercises that are not safe for you.

Nutritional Strategies to Build Muscle
Changing your eating habits can be one of the most important strategies to build muscle and burn fat. A body must have protein to build muscle and you burn more calories by digesting protein than other foods like carbs. A tasty whey smoothie  is one way to get some extra protein into your diet. Greek yogurt makes a great between meal snack and has double the protein of regular yogurt. Eggs have 7 grams of protein and only 75 calories making them a great breakfast choice to start your day off with a protein boost. Other food sources high in protein that are low calorie include tabouli, beans, skim milk, and fish which is also high in omega-3 fatty acids. AFA bluegreen algae is also high in omega-3 fatty acids as well as being a protein source which can help with muscle building. You can also get nutritional support from this enzyme/algae supplement that supports overworked tissues and is great for those with an active lifestyle. To give you more flexibility in your exercise regimen, get a boost from this joint support supplement.

There are lots of ways to build weight loss and muscle building strategies into your day and to take the work out of a workout. A few tips to get the most from your exercise time and a few nutritional tips and you are on your way to losing those pounds.

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