Solving the Riddle of Prosperity

Do you sometimes feel like the road to prosperity is filled with pot holes and booby traps? Every time you start to get ahead, does something really unexpected and costly crop up in your life? Does prosperity seem like a riddle that you just can’t crack?

If so then take heart! Prosperity isn’t really a mystery at all. It’s more of a simple formula. There are two sides to prosperity: thinking and feeling. Most of us are good at one side or the other, and the truly prosperous and wealthy in life are good at both. Let’s take a look at what each side entails.

Thinking Side of Prosperity
The thinking side of prosperity has to do with planning for and taking actions to achieve prosperity. The thinking part engages your mind and intellect. It involves asking yourself questions such as:

  • What’s my definition of prosperity? How much money will I need? What other conditions will I need?
  • How do I plan for that level of prosperity? What action steps do I need to take? Who do I need to involve in my plan? What kinds of emergency plans do I need to have?
  • How can I remember my plan and stick to it? How do I teach myself to have financial discipline? Who can help me learn to spend less and save more on a daily basis?

In other words, the thinking side of prosperity involves defining, planning, and taking action. It’s the logical part of the process. If you’ve been on the path to wealth and prosperity for any length of time, then you’ve probably read plenty of books that detail how to think about it. If you haven’t read any of these books, Suze Orman’s books are a great place to start.

Feeling Side of Prosperity
While the thinking part of prosperity is logical, the feeling part is anything but. The feeling side involves your feelings, emotions, daydreams, and visions. It’s the part where you hunker down in comfy clothes with a big blank sheet of paper in front of you and start to dream. It’s where you ask yourself questions like:

  • How does prosperity feel to me?
  • What does prosperity look like in my dreams?
  • How would I recognize prosperity? What frames of reference will I use? Will I be prosperous when I travel 6 weeks a year without thinking twice about it? Which of my dreams can I fulfill when I am prosperous?

Feeling what prosperity feels like to you means creating an emotional connection to what you want. Once you’ve found that place, the trick is to bring up those prosperous feelings as often as possible during the day. Feel what it feels like to have already achieved the prosperity you seek!

If you’re having a bad day, then your dreams of prosperity can be a quick escape, a bit of relief from the daily grind. If you’re having a good day, then your prosperous feelings are an affirmation of, “Yes, I am getting there.” To get a jump start on the feeling side of prosperity, check out tapes by teachers Abraham-Hicks at

The most prosperous people in the world tell us that you need both your mind and emotions to create lasting prosperity. When your road to prosperity gets a little bumpy check in to find out whether you’re still running on both thinking and feeling tracks. Chances are that you’ve gotten sidetracked on one and forgotten about the other. If you take a moment to get rebalanced, you’ll find that the road will get smooth and straight again. Most of all enjoy the journey! And if you’re looking to add to your financial prosperity with a passive income stream check out our business opportunity.

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