Get a New Perspective on Your Budget

If you’ve been looking at your budget for a while – whether in resignation, despair, or joy – it might be time to get a fresh perspective. One of the best ways I’ve found for finding new ways to save money is to back up and take a new perspective.

I’ll set aside a day for this exercise and pull out all my bills and financial papers. I’ll pretend that I’m a financial adviser looking at someone else’s bills. Then I’ll go through every expense and ask questions like an outsider. I’ll ask whether the expense is really necessary, whether there’s a cheaper way to get the same thing, whether it can be bought in bulk for less money, and whether it can be bought later rather than now. I’ll do the same with the income. I’ll see if there are ways to increase the income, expand the income stream, develop another stream of income, and so forth.

Then, to really get a new perspective, I’ll go online and type “Save Money” into the Google search engine. There before my eyes pops up reams and reams of articles from people (all free, mind you) on thousands of additional ways I might live cheaper, easier, and happier. I dig in with gusto and before an hour is up I have 12 new ideas that I can implement this month to save even more money.

Ever since I have started this exercise, our household has increased savings by 18% a year. Not too shabby. If I keep it up, who knows what other increases I can find? Try it…you haven’t got anything but a few hours of research to lose! And if you are looking for a way to create a new income stream for yourself, take a look at our business opportunity.

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