Oh My Goodness: Millions of My Cells are Dying Daily!

The sky is falling, the sky is falling … millions of my cells are dying every single day. Oh,no! What should I do?

Oh yeah, I should remember that millions of cells are also CREATED daily in my body, too. This process of cells dying and new cells being created is actually how our bodies are renewed and regenerated. Diseased cells die off and new healthy cells take their place.

And this cycle happens in our bodies, day in and day out, without us being aware of it. But, as we age, this cycle happens less and less efficiently. The cycle of renewal slows down. In other words, we age.

Aging: Lack of Stem Cells
One of the major reasons that our bodies age is that, as we grow older, our bodies produce fewer and fewer stem cells … the cells that are responsible for much of the creation of new cells.

What are stem cells? These cells:

  • can divide and renew themselves for long periods of time
  • are unspecialized (i.e., not yet a specific type of cell, like a heart or muscle cell)
  • can give rise to specific cells where the body needs them (to replace damaged or dying cells)

You can see how stem cells play a major role in cellular regeneration. But if our bodies make fewer stem cells as we age, how do we keep cellular regeneration going as we get older?

Helping Our Bodies Produce More Stem Cells
Easy. We just need to give our stem cells the nutritional support they need to:

  • reproduce
  • be protected from harm (such as from free radicals)

In other words, we just need to help our bodies do what they do naturally. We need to feed our bodies the right foods. Supplements such as this one with a combination of nutrients from wild bluegreen algae, antioxidants and antioxidant amino acids that has been shown–both in test tube and in the body–to provide the needed nutritional support for stem cell division and protection.

As a bonus, this kind of nutritional stem cell therapy is not controversial, unlike therapies that use embryonic stem cells. It works with the adult stem cells you already have naturally in your body. So you can feel comfortable, supporting your youth, and knowing that you are partaking in an effective and legal therapy!

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