THE “No Diet Pill” Diet

At a workshop on the Spirit-Mind-Body connection I attended, the participants were given the assignment to observe ourselves when we ate. Specifically, we were told to tune into our bodies and ask what was needed. After observing myself for 28 days I was absolutely fascinated with what I discovered.

First of all I discovered that I was hardly ever hungry for food. Many times I was thirsty rather than hungry. When I checked in with my body to find out what it needed, it often told me “water” (checking in with your body is simple-just ask your body, “What do you need right now?” and wait for the answer to pop into your mind).

Other times, my body needed “energy” or “clarity” or specific nutrients. I’ve been taking wild bluegreen algae whole food supplements for over 2 decades now and my body would often ask for specific supplements such as acidophilus or whole algae.

The most amazing thing, though, is that I was able to lose weight – in fact I lost 7 pounds of winter weight during that time without meaning to. Looking back I realize that I had been on the “No Diet Pill” Diet because of this process of self-observation. About 60% of the time when I asked my body what it needed, it told me some form of bluegreen algae – whole or type with the cell wall removed to clear the blood brain barrier more effectively. In other words, it was asking for pure nutrients for energy or mental clarity.

When I give body what it wants, it rarely feels the need to eat poorly or excessively and I find it easier to stay on a healthy diet. I’ve noticed that I hardly ever feel the urge to snack on junk food plus I eat much less at meals. Most importantly, I don’t feel deprived like I usually do on diets and I’ve got lots of energy.

I’ve always known that modern foods have less vitamins and minerals than they did in the past, but this little experiment quite dramatically showed me that my body isn’t as interested in calories as it is in pure nutrients.

My little experiment in observing my eating habits may have come to an end but I’ve kept up with my “No Diet Pill” Diet. Whenever I feel the urge to snack I just swallow a couple of algae capsules. I also eat one of each type of algae before each meal along with 2 enzymes. My body continues to grow leaner and more well-defined on this simple program and I love it!

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