3 Simple Secrets to Longevity and Healthy Aging

Healthy aging and longevity is something most of us seek, but are there really ways to achieve this or is it just luck of the draw? Why do some people seem to stay healthy and active well into their senior years while others have deteriorating health? There are many studies such as The Longevity Project that have looked at decades of lifestyle habits for those living long healthy lives that have found certain characteristics in common.

1. Help the Body Heal Itself
As we get older our telomeres at the end of the chromosomes get shorter which allows for many of the chronic diseases associated with getting older to take hold. Aging is not something that can be avoided, but there are ways to slow down some of the symptoms and conditions we experience in our senior years. The cellular level is the place to start with this slowing down and healthy eating along with regular exercise can help trigger more production of an enzyme that increases telomeres’ length. Our lifestyles in these hectic times contribute to free radical damage that affects our cells and DNA. Our own natural stem cells are one of our most powerful allies against this type of damage. Having a diet full of colorful fruits and veggies increases the antioxidants we get to nourish our stem cells and repair the damage from free radicals. This stem cell support supplement is another option for increasing our intake of antioxidants. A healthy body that is well nourished with all the appropriate nutrients will produce the energy you need you be able to stay active. This is often challenging with all the nutrient depleted food sources we presently have. To fill in the nutritional gaps you can’t beat AFA bluegreen algae with its wide range of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids, and trace minerals. And to get the most nutrition out of the foods we eat we have to make sure our digestive systems are in top shape. This means probiotics and enzymes to support digestion and help the body absorb maximum nutrition. You can get all this nutrition in convenient packets of supplements making it easy to take anywhere, any time.

2. With a Little Help From My Friends
Like the Beatles song says, “I get by with a little help from my friends” and this is certainly applicable when it comes to healthy aging and longevity. One study from Australia reported elders with lots of social contact and friends lived longer. One of the reasons cited for how friends contribute to longevity and healthy aging has to do with the type of friends you choose. If you have friends that eat healthy, are active and have healthy lifestyle habits then you are more likely to follow suit. These type of relationships also can stimulate your brain with interesting conversation, give you outings to look forward to and fill your life with purpose, meaning, and laughter that can reduce stress. It also encourages you to stay physically active if you go out with friends and share activities. According to Bel Kaufman at age 101, laughter contributes to his longevity and good health. His view is that “you can’t laugh and be angry, you can’t laugh and feel sad, you can’t laugh and feel envious” and seeing everything in a humorous light helps him. Friends also can give you an outlet for dealing with stressful problems and give you a sounding board to help resolve issues. Long term studies such as one from Harvard give evidence that maintaining our relationships with others is one of the most important longevity tips.

3. Keep On Going
Many centenarians give the advice to just keep moving. They feel if they spend too much time just sitting they won’t be able to get back up. This could mean being physically active through exercise, sports, hobbies, volunteering, or just getting out and enjoying seeing new places. Exercise affects the body on all levels, even down to the cellular level and helps in energy production. It aids circulation and heart health, keeps weight and inflammation down, keeps skin toned, increases bone density, improves balance and cognitive function, and wards off stress, stroke, depression and many chronic diseases such as diabetes, cancer, and high blood pressure. Studies also have shown that exercise can increase the number of our own adult stem cells that repair damaged cells promoting anti-aging. The right nutrition can help your body be able to stay active longer and this algae supplement with a balanced blend of vegetable glucosamine, chondroitin along with AFA has the ingredients found to support joints. After all it’s hard to keep going if you have painful joints. Another helpful nutritional option to keep on moving is this enzyme algae supplement with a combination of plant-based proteolytic enzymes — bromelain, papain, protease, lipase, and serratiopeptidase, as well as nutritional organic wild bluegreen algae specifically designed for those with active lifestyles and athletes.

Genetics certainly plays a role in healthy aging and longevity, but you don’t have to leave yourself in the hands of fate; there are ways you can control your own destiny. Consider the three we’ve talked about and start looking now for lifestyle changes you can make that will add up to a healthier and happier long life for you .

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