Weight Loss Tips for Busy People: Part 2

See part 1 of Weight Loss Tips for Busy People

In part one of this article series we talked about how wild foods like mushrooms, sprouts and algae can help busy people with losing weight not only in how their nutrients affect the body, but also in increasing stamina for having the energy to get in exercise. If you are on the go with a busy schedule there are other easy ways you can facilitate weight loss.

Healthy Snacking
Busy people often end up skipping meals and snacking throughout the day or driving through a fast food window to pick up a quick meal. Neither of these options is conducive to losing weight unless you are choosing healthy snacks and drive through options. Instead of going for a burger and fries, many fast food restaurants are offering salads or grilled chicken so look for these on the menu. Order any sauces or salad dressing on the side so that you can limit how much you use and opt for olive oil and vinegar dressings if you can. Snacking throughout the day can actually be a good weight loss strategy instead of eating larger meals several times a day if you choose to bring a variety of cut up fruits and veggies or a healthy snack bar like this algae bar. Apples are a particularly good choice for snacking on as they have pectin which is a soluble fiber that helps keep blood sugar levels stable and prevents fat from being stored in the body. It may surprise you to find out that nuts such as almonds, peanuts, and walnuts are a good snack when working towards losing weight. They do contain fat, but it’s the good kind of fat that we need and they also have protein. Ayurvedic medicine recommends soaking almonds overnight and eating them in the morning for a fat burning boost. Just stay with small quanitites to avoid adding on too many extra calories.

Enzyme Therapy For Weight Loss
Enzymes are necessary to aid digestion by metabolizing fat, proteins and carbohydrates and to be absorbed into the blood to clean long-term residual food particles. We don’t get the enzymes we need straight from our foods with all the fast food, processed foods and foods cooked with no active enzymes that we consume. Our bodies require enzymes to properly digest food, and when we don’t have enough enzymes, the food we eat literally rots in our guts, adding to weight gain and the appearance of a beer belly. Taking a high quality enzyme supplement with meals will help your body digest the food you eat and extract the maximum nutrients from the food. Taking enzymes between meals will “scavenge” throughout your body and help flush toxins, which can help with losing weight. Enzyme therapy adds enzymes back into your system faster than you deplete them, thus building up your reserve. When your body has more enzymes than it needs for digestion, it uses the extra enzymes for healing, repair and renewal.

More Weight Loss Tips for Busy People
Here’s a weight loss tip one bit of research found for busy people  – try envisioning yourself eating as much as you want before you start eating. Yep, this study found that participants who spent some time seeing themselves eating candy before actually doing it ate much less than those that didn’t engage in this exercise first. And you know that eating more vegetables is good for losing weight so when you make a dish with veggies in it put twice as many as the recipe calls for. That’s something that doesn’t take any extra time. Keeping a water bottle with you throughout the day is another good weight loss strategy for those without a lot of time to spend. Drink water before you start eating and you’ll feel fuller helping you eat less. Finally, you might give Carb-Cycling a try. This is a technique in which you alternate days with eating carbohydrates on a high-carb day then have a low low-carb day the next day where you don’t eat carbs. On high-carb days do exercises like weight lifting and high intensity exercising, then on low-carb days either skip the exercise or go with cardio type exercise. Cycling your carbs can help the body use up fat for fuel rather than letting carbs go into stored fat or using carbs and muscle for fuel.

There you have it. A few more simple weight loss tips you can use no matter how busy you are. None of these take any extra time and can pay off in helping you for losing weight. Stay tuned for more tips for busy people with the next installment in this series – part 3.

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