Weight Loss Tips for Busy People: Part 3

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In parts 1 and 2 of this series on weight loss for busy people, we’ve talked mostly about types of foods that can facilitate losing weight. Now let’s look at behavioral tactics and food substitutions that are quick and easy and fit in with any lifestyle.

Quick Mealtime Do’s and Don’ts
Do start taking a serious look at what you eat and drink and dump the sodas and sugary juice drinks right away. That’s a quick way to start cutting some serious calories. Go with green tea that also adds extra antioxidant protection or water maybe flavored with fruits or herbs. Do start out meals with a veggie appetizer like raw carrots, cherry tomatoes, or celery or a salad to help you fill up and help you avoid overeating more high calorie foods. This is also a good idea before going grocery shopping as research shows it makes you less likely to even buy junk food. Also do eat breakfast within half an hour of getting up in the morning to set your metabolism for the day. Do carry healthy snacks with you or have some stashed in your car or at work. This prevents you from reaching for unhealthy, fattening foods out of hunger. A couple of easy options to take with you are this snack bar with organic sprouted grains, greens, almonds, and bluegreen algae and this powdered drink mix with pure organic whey protein and AFA. Whey protein is also good for building muscle which can help burn fat. On the Don’t list include not eating fast. I know when you don’t have a lot of time to eat it’s tempting to scarf down as much as you can, but resist the urge and chew your food slowly. This not only gets a better start on the digestion process, but gives you time to check in with your stomach as to when it is satiated and can stop eating. Also, don’t give in to unhealthy food cravings especially when stressed. Recognize that stress triggers a cortisol release that your brain and body are programmed to believe can be calmed by sugary and fatty foods. Learn to recognize this trigger and go for a quick walk, take a 5 minute meditation break or find some other stress reducing healthier option. For a nutritional boost with whole foods known to increase your concentration like organic wild bluegreen algae, eleuthero, Ginkgo biloba, Lion’s Mane, bee pollen, wheatgrass juice, and noni, this algae supplement and this form of algae that allows nutrients to cross the blood brain barrier easier can give you those nutrients that make it easier to stay on task and avoid snacking.

More Weight Loss Tips for Busy People
Busy people can also use certain “tricks” that research has found can cut down on the amount of calories you eat without your body feeling deprived. One of these is to use a smaller plate. Your brain sees a full plate and believes there is an adequate amount of food without nearly the same amount as a larger plate would hold. The color of the plate you use can also make a difference. Research has found that if the plate color is a contrasting color to the food on it, we eat less. Since there are not a lot of high calorie blue foods, the color blue is suggested as a good choice. The type of people you have in your social circle can also make a difference. Supportive, positive people and especially those with lots of self-control in your corner can have a positive effect on your weight loss. Having a friend involved in your weight loss goals also gives you accountability and support so you don’t have to go it alone. And finally, take workout clothes and shoes with you. Keep an outfit at work, in your car, or pack one when you travel. That way you’ll be prepared if the opportunity to workout, go for a run or a walk comes up.

Are you getting the message yet? No matter how busy you are, you don’t have to give up on losing weight. There are plenty of ways you can take control of your weight loss without investing a lot of time or hassle. Most of these are just a tweak to things you would ordinarily be doing anyway. Just a little pre-planning and thinking ahead and you can still drop some of those unwanted pounds.

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