Not All Calories Are Equal

If you’ve ever been on a diet then you know that calorie counting is often a part of the process. If you counted every calorie but still didn’t lose as much weight as you wanted, it might be because not all calories are equal.

Studies show that calories from fat produce the most weight and fat gain, and calories from excess carbohydrates run a close second. The reason is that the body doesn’t need to burn any calories to use fat. When you eat fat, it gets stored as fat right away. As they say, a bite of ice cream is “a second on the lips, an eternity on the hips.”

Excess carbohydrates also present a problem. When you eat more carbohydrates than your body can easily digest, it converts those carbs to fat for easy storage. Calories from fiber and protein are less likely to be stored as fat since the body simply eliminates any fiber or protein it can’t digest. Plus, the body burns calories as it digests fiber and protein.

So the next time you’re counting calories and thinking about substituting ice cream for an equal calorie low fat dessert, think again. Fat calories become fat in your body. Reach for something healthy instead. One of my favorite healthy snacks is this delicious algae and sprouts snack bar. I can also fill up on extra fat burning protein by making a smoothie with this whey protein and algae powder that has 22 grams of pure organic whey protein from rBGH-free cattle and is GMO free, plus has the antioxidant power of sprouts and protein-digesting enzymes. AFA bluegreen algae itself is one of the lowest-calorie, highest energy whole foods your body can use. This type of algae has been found to increase metabolism, boost energy, and cleanse cells.

Getting the most nutrition for the calories is important when losing weight. So make sure you are getting lots of low cal veggies and fruits, lean proteins, only the healthy fats your body can use, fiber to help you fill fuller longer, eat your algae, and you can lose the extra pounds without sacrificing your health.

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