Can Service and Your Career Intersect? Yes!

Are you looking for a career that involves service and giving back while creating a sustainable income at the same time? If so, then we may just have the business for you. The company we have built our business through not only allows us to build a solid, reliable income stream, but gives us the flexibility to grow the business at our own pace, puts us in control of how large we want our business to be and gives us a legacy to pass on. As an added bonus, the company has instigated programs over many years that allow us to partner with them to provide wholefood products to children, adults and animals that are in need. This includes people that suffer from hunger and malnutrition, overseas troops in war zones and disaster survivors in North America and around the world. All the service projects are created to have a positive, sustainable impact on people for personal and local economic growth to nourish them on every level. One of the many service projects we are able to support is the GIVE initiative. Through this program we can each give a little or a lot depending on what we are called to do to help provide nutritional superfoods to adults, children and animals in need. Charities that receive funds or products through the GIVE program include Dr. Theresa Kohen Foundation (Philippines), Gentle Barn, Klamath Crisis Center, Only A Child (Guatemala), and Wild Animal Sanctuary.

A Study Supporting AFA Algae Nutrition
One of the exciting things about this program is that it provides recipients with a variety of products containing AFA bluegreen algae. This is a truly unique way to provide superior nutrition that not every company can give. How do we know AFA bluegreen algae can really help with the world hunger problem? One of the reasons is from a study done in Nandaime, Nicaragua that began in 1992 and included 2000 primary school children and 500 adults. This study was specifically designed to measure if AFA bluegreen algae could have a positive effect on those suffering from malnutrition.

About two-thirds of the people in Central America are affected by malnutrition. Nicaragua has a very serious public health problem due to malnutrition with a 72% hospital mortality rate for children and high rates of poor health and mortality from infectious disease in children. Malnutrition in children has been found to have a direct impact on their learning processes and school achievement. This study involved a sample group that was given one gram of the AFA bluegreen algae supplement for 5 days a week over a 6 month period. Just a few of the significant results included:

  • Children in the study group measured 14% having a normal nutritional status before the study. After 6 months of the algae supplementation, this increased to 79%.
  • Before the study 86 % of these children were found to be in a state of malnourishment. This dropped to 21% after eating algae. Those in the remaining 21% were those with the greatest nutritional deficiencies before the study. 
  • Before the study, 72% of the study group children had excellent or good school attendance measured as zero to three absences a month. After the 6 months of algae supplementation, this increased to 95%. Those with unsatisfactory school attendance measured as four or more absences a month went from 28% to 7%. 

Some of the conclusions the researchers reached from this study include:

  • The AFA bluegreen algae supplement reduced the prevalence of malnutrition and improved the nutritional status of these children significantly. 
  • The AFA bluegreen algae had a significant impact on the school attendance, attitude and participation in class through the increased nutritional status it gave the children. 
  • Children taking AFA bluegreen algae became ill less frequently which allowed them to have improved school attendance, thus becoming more interested in academics. 

This study is one of the things that says to us that AFA bluegreen algae truly is a superfood. Building our business for a steady income stream and being able to work with a company that gives back to people in need is the best of both worlds for us. If you think this sounds like something you’d like to be a part of, let us hear from you. We’d be happy to get you more information on how you too can build a sustainable business that helps yourself, your family and others.

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