Need Healing? Thoughts and Natural Solutions

No matter how chronic or acute a condition is, it can be healed. There is always, always hope. If you’re not dead yet, you’re not dead yet. Whatever condition you suffer with and need healing for, make a resolution for the coming year to find three (the number of change) things that make you feel good. Then make the commitment to stick with them for the entire year. Doing this will make you an active participant in your own wellness program instead of a victim to your condition. That is an important distinction because we attract the same vibrations that we put out. Putting out positive energy attracts more positive energy whereas putting out victim energy attracts more victim energy. You may have to try several different things before settling on the 3 you will use in your recovery program towards achieving real health. You might explore different types of meditation, flower essences, herbs, supplements, lifestyle or diet changes, or various exercise programs.

Only you know what makes you feel good and what doesn’t. If drinking plenty of water, taking certain supplements, or eating multiple small meals a day makes you feel better, then you are the only one that can know it. Similarly, you probably know which of your “bad” habits make you feel ill, like eating too much sugar or spending too much time at your desk. If you are not sure what makes you feel better or worse, keep a diary for seven to twenty-one days. Log your daily food intake, exercise, level of stress, amount of sleep, and anything else that might affect your level of health. Notice what happens when you add or vary any of your habits. Look at your diary to help you decide on the 3 changes you will make for this year. After you have picked your 3 changes, make the commitment to stick with them for the entire year.

Why stick with these changes for a year? Because if you have had your condition for any length of time, it takes at least one month of wellness for every year you have had your condition. So for example if you have had migraines for five years, you’ll need at least 5 months of being on your recovery program, once you have one, to see improvement. Notice that the clock that counts the months toward recovery only starts ticking when you find a wellness regimen that works for you. This only works once you create a wellness program that works for you and that you can stick to. The three things you come up with for this year may be your wellness program or it may only be a beginning. There may be more to discover in settling on a complete wellness program that works for you and your condition.

Here are a few natural solutions for healthy living that may give you a place to start:

>> Drink lots of water. Every part of your body needs water. Water helps your body flush out anything unwanted, like toxins and viruses that might make you sick. If drinking straight water doesn’t sound good to you, try adding a little salt or lime to you water. Both salt and lime improve the taste of water, and a slice of lime tends to remove any chlorine that might be in your water. You can also try brewing some tea or just drinking warm water with honey and lemon.

>>Take digestive enzymes. Especially now during the holiday season with lots of holiday meals (and sweets), office parties, neighborhood potlucks, and Christmas parties indigestion is a big possibility. Enzymes help you digest your food, especially if you overeat or gorge on junk food. Take 2 enzymes before each meal and take 2 more after the meal if you feel overstuffed. You can also take enzymes anytime you have digestive discomfort.

>>Defend your health by adding probiotics to your daily regimen. The probiotics acidophilus and bifidus are the “friendly” bacteria that live in your gut and are your first line of defense against a variety of illnesses including colds and flus. Probiotics keep you healthy rather than curing you after you are already sick. It sounds like that old adage, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” doesn’t it?

>>Get up and stretch. Did you know that one of the major causes of tiredness is muscle tension and fatigue? It’s true. Tight muscles that haven’t been stretched out can make you feel tired before you even begin your day. At the end of your day, those same tight muscles can make a long day seem endless. So what can you do to prevent muscle fatigue? Stretch your body! Doing just 15-20 minutes of light yoga or stretching in the morning can drastically improve the oxygenation in your body as well as your overall physical stamina. Stretching is a simple investment in your health that will pay off immediately.

The new year is quickly approaching. Get started now on picking your 3 changes for the year and make this the year you create real change for healthy living.

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