5-Minute Methods to De-Stress Your Way to a Healthy Lifestyle

Yeah, yeah … we know. You have a crazy life and your smart phone schedule gives you exactly 5 minutes of “blank space” to de-stress your life. And yet, you want to live a healthy lifestyle, too, because you know stress has a seriously negative effect on your immune system, digestive health, and just about every other part of your body, mind, and soul.

So what do you do?

Simple … read on! Follow these proven 5-minute methods to de-stress your way to a healthy lifestyle. You’ve got 5 minutes to de-stress, and we’ve got natural solutions for you that really do work!

Healthy Lifestyle Tips That Really Do Work in 5 Minutes
You’ll be surprised at these simple 5-minute fixes that really can get you back on track for a healthy lifestyle, no matter how stressful your life is on a daily basis. These natural solutions have been tested by some of the most stressed and busiest people we know, so we know these approaches work. All you have to do to de-stress is try one or all of these approaches in that tiny open slot in your schedule. Ready? Let’s go!

Healthy Lifestyle Tip #1: Active Meditation
A lot of busy and stressed people object to meditation for two reasons. First, slowing down is difficult for people who are busy and have very active minds. Second, many stressed people actually fall asleep during meditation, and find they awaken from such “naps” groggier than ever. Deepak Chopra and other meditation experts don’t object to falling asleep during meditation, since they claim that people who fall asleep during meditation really need the rest. However, if your goal is to stay active and alert, falling asleep during your 5-minute meditation isn’t really going to help you reach your goals.

Instead of a sitting meditation, try an active meditation. For instance, try a 5-minute power walk. On the first 2 1/2 minutes of the walk, you get to ask questions, talk to your guides or angels or higher powers and beings. Whatever you call the “higher force” in your life, connect with that force on the outbound part of your walk. Talk about your goals, ask for help, discuss your worries … whatever you want. Then, on the way back (again, just 2 1/2 minutes), you get to listen. Listen for messages, look for signs from higher powers and beings, or just allow a sense of peace to enter your being. When you get back to your starting point, voila! You have completed your active meditation, and completed a natural solution for de-stressing your life. Try it … many people tell us this form of meditation works very well!

Healthy Lifestyle Tip #2: Eat 10% Less
Here’s an equation to ponder:

Digestion takes a ton of energy, and your brain is the most energy-hungry organ in your body.

So what does this mean to you, as a super-stressed and super-busy person? It means that if you tend to over-eat, even just a bit, then you are taking energy away from your brain and sending it straight to your stomach. Cultures known for long-lived people have long histories of eating light. So if you eat less, you’ll not only live longer but you’ll have a sharper brain as well! You will also have a lot less stress.

If you tend to overeat or even just indulge a bit too much in junk food, then cutting back your food intake by 10% can reduce the amount of energy your body spends on digestion. If you already eat the right amount of food for your height and weight, then try substituting 10% of your junk food intake with healthy foods. It’s not that difficult to adjust your diet by just 10%, right? Plus, this healthy lifestyle adjustment won’t take more than 5 minutes. In fact, just skipping that candy bar will SAVE you more than 5 minutes!

Healthy Lifestyle Tip #3: Get Enough Sleep
Lots of super-busy people don’t get enough sleep because they can’t turn off their brains and bodies at night. Research shows that people who don’t have enough sleep tend to stress and worry more than people who do get enough sleep. So, if you take just a few minutes to prepare yourself for sleep, you’ll tend to sleep better, which means you will wake up refreshed … and voila! Less stress. Now we know that 8 hours of sleep is more than a 5-minute fix, but preparing yourself for a good night’s sleep can be just a 5-minute fix. Check out these tips for ways to get a better night’s sleep: http://bit.ly/13H9SlE

Most of all, take the time–just 5 minutes–to live a healthy lifestyle even during your super-busy day. You will appreciate that investment in your health later in life (no matter your current age or lifestyle)!

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