What is The Gentle Barn and How You Can Help via New Earth

What is The Gentle Barn? You may have heard of it, especially if you interact on Facebook or simply love animals! The Gentle Barn is a wonderful non-profit organization in Santa Clarita, CA that helps animals in need.

If you want to know, “What is the Gentle Barn,” check out their website or Facebook page. There you will learn all about the wonderful citizens of this wonderful place, from goats and emus to cows and chickens.

What is the Gentle Barn

According to their own Facebook page, here’s what this wonderful place is and does:

“The Gentle Barn rescues, rehabilitates and gives sanctuary to severely abused animals. Then kids interact with the animals to learn kindness, compassion and confidence.”

The Gentle Barn hosts field trips and various visitors. Go to the Gentle Barn and you can expect to touch noses with rescued cows, give pigs tummy rubs, and give kisses to loving horses. Wow! It’s like heaven for the lucky animals rescued by this great place.

The Gentle Barn – How You Can Help

Being a non-profit organization, the Gentle Barn accepts all donations with gratitude, and they make the process really simple online.

For those of us in love with the New Earth blue green algae products, we can choose to donate a portion of our commission checks to the Gentle Barn. You will be helping beings like Addison the donkey, Amelia the goat, Barnie the chicken, and Biscuit the pig. Check out their animals in the Gentle Barn’s Virtual Barn.

If you read their stories, you will laugh, cry, love, and experience joy … perhaps in a way as never before. It’s definitely worth checking out. If you have the means to donate part of your commission check, that’s definitely worth it, too. Everything that goes around comes around, and I’m fairly sure that the Gentle Barn karma is pretty strong. Just call New Earth at 1-800-800-1300 and tell them you want to help the Gentle Barn continue protecting animals.

Other projects included in New Earth’s Simple Solutions program include the EAT Project, Phillipines/Guatemala Project, Marta’s House, Bhatkla Women’s Shelter, Rocky Mountain Foundation, and the All Creatures Sanctuary. Call Simplexity Health to learn more about how you can contribute to these projects … or ask your sponsor!

And … now you know the answer to the question, “What is the Gentle Barn?” as well as ways in which you can support this wonderful organization! Even if you can’t donate part of your check, just give their Facebook page a “Like” … everything helps!

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