Having Senior Moments? Naturally Improve Memory

Good nutrition is not only important to your physical health, but also affects your mood and your memory. As you plan your meals and the types of foods to include in your diet, adding in foods that will feed your brain can help you avoid those senior moments and improve your memory.

Food For the Brain
Food for the brain are those that will nourish the brain and have the micronutrients and fat-soluble molecules to pass through the blood brain barrier. Since the brain is made up of 60% fat, foods with omega-3 fatty acids are a good choice for food for the brain. Other nutrients that help feed the brain include B vitamins, antioxidants, proteins that raise mood-boosting neurotransmitters, and ALA (alpha lineoleic acid). Vitamin E may also be a good addition as it has been found to slow the progression of Alzheimer’s and the amino acid acetyl-L-carnitine has been found to help with memory problems in Alzheimer’s patients. Eating a diet loaded with vegetables, fruits, and nuts that also includes some amounts of dairy, fish, poultry and healthy oils and very light on red meat has been reported to lower risks of getting Alzheimer’s. Flavonoids, especially anthocyanins and quercetin, which you get from foods such as apples, blueberries, and red onions, are also good food for the brain and memory function. Flavonoids are the chemical compounds that fruits and vegetables get their rich colors from, so any colored fruits and veggies added to your diet are good food for the brain.

Supplements For the Brain
Ginkgo biloba has been used with some success for dementia caused by restrictive blood flow. According to Adriane Fugh-Berman, MD at Georgetown University School of Medicine, it shows similar benefits for dementia as some drugs that are used in Alzheimer’s treatment. It doesn’t prevent dementia, but can help slow the progress and symptoms. You can get Ginkgo biloba as well as the whole food nutrition of AFA bluegreen algae, eleuthero, wheatgrass juice, bee pollen, Lion’s Mane mushroom and noni in this natural supplement. That means not only do you get the memory enhancing benefits of Ginkgo biloba, but also the omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, antioxidants, B vitamins and other nutrients that feed the brain. This form of AFA bluegreen algae with the cell wall removed through a special process provides all the essential amino acids which make it an abundant source of raw materials for enhancing activity in the brain and this “stripped down” version of the blue-green algae is small enough to slip through the blood brain barrier to feed hungry brain cells..

Other Natural Memory Solutions
Just like physical exercise keeps your body in good shape, exercise for the brain helps keep brain functions like memory in good shape. Learning new things even if you don’t master them is good brain exercise. Here’s a chance to try out all the things you’ve thought you wanted to learn and haven’t made time for. Try them all out and maybe you’ll find one that you’re really good at and want to continue as a hobby, but going through the actions of learning new things is the important part as a brain exercise. And since the brain is a part of the body, physical exercise can help keep the memory sharp too. Exercising increases blood flow and brain nerve cells as well as reducing heart disease risk which is important for the brain. Maintaining a heart healthy lifestyle aids brain function because the brain cells like all other cells in the body need oxygen and nutrients which are delivered through the bloodstream and need stable blood pressure and cholesterol levels for this to work properly.

If you find yourself having memory problems there are many memory tricks and coping strategies you can also use. Pairing a list of items to visual cues, leaving sticky notes for yourself, and developing habits of putting things in the same places all the time are a few of these. Here’s another good tip we got from this source. It basically suggests that since our minds work better with visuals, remember the layouts of places better than lists of information, and things that are funny, offensive or sexual are retained more easily that makes those types of pairing cues good memory aids. In particular it is suggested in this memory aid technique to start by visualizing a place that you are very familiar with, such as your home or maybe even where you lived as a child. Then pair an image with each item on your list, for example in a grocery list you might see a monkey as a visual for bananas. Using a funny, sexual or offensive visual works even better. Finally, see yourself going through the visualized place with the items and place them where they would go.  

Whatever memory tricks and tips, brain exercises, and supplements you use, be sure you are getting the right food for the brain to keep it nourished and performing at its best. Nutrition is the cake with supplements and other natural solutions as the icing. Try out a variety of the natural solutions we’ve given you here to make your own individualized healthy brain cake.

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