Healthy Aging: 7 Tips You Can Use Today

Healthy aging is definitely something to be sought after. For instance, did you know that within the last 3 years, people over 65 in the United States reported that they felt unwell MORE THAN 1/6 of the time? This is according to the Centers for Disease Control. That’s a lot of time to feel unwell, which indicates the need for lifestyle changes that lead to healthy aging rather than just aging!

Healthy Aging and Aging Gracefully
While we can’t dodge the effects of time altogether, there are definite ways that we can all change the process from simply aging to aging gracefully! We can all take simple steps to look better, feel better, and feel younger than our chronological age. There are people out there who show us that healthy aging and aging gracefully are not only possible, but positively enjoyable.

Aging Gracefully: 7 Tips for You
There are tons of tiny little changes you can make to your lifestyle that will have a big effect on the aging process. Aging gracefully doesn’t have to be difficult or make you cranky. In fact, just the opposite is true. These 7 tips we offer in this article should allow you to feel better, look younger, and begin the practice of healthy aging!

Aging Gracefully – Tip #1: Realize You CAN Do It!
When you wake up tired and sore in the morning, feeling motivated to get moving and stay young can be a chore. But the key to healthy aging begins with the mind and spirit. Before you can start to change your life for healthy aging, you have to DECIDE that you want to change your life for the better. More importantly, you have to believe that you can do it. One way to start is simply to be willing to try. Consider the process of aging gracefully to be a life experiment of sorts … don’t worry too much about the results right now, just be willing to try something and see if it has a positive effect on your life. By being willing, you have already taken a step in the right direction. Personally, we like Nike’s approach to healthy aging (or anything that requires motivation): “Just Do It!”

Aging Gracefully – Tip #2: Pick a Place to Start
While the internet is chock full of information on healthy aging, too much information can be overwhelming. So instead of getting into data overload, just pick a place in your life where you KNOW you need to make a change. We’re sure that if you look around, you can find a single place to start. For some people, that means getting just a bit more exercise by parking the car further away from the store. For others it means avoiding that single pastry every morning and replacing it with a healthy alternative like oatmeal. If eating oatmeal every single morning seems like too much, then just try to eat oatmeal a couple of times a week. Really, keep it simple but keep doing whatever you choose. Any little change you make in the present will result in a definite and noticeable change in your future!

Aging Gracefully – Tip #3: Get a Checkup
We know that visiting the doctor isn’t really one of your favorite things to do, but getting a regular checkup can give you a couple of benefits. First, you’ll discover if you have any health issues that need to be addressed. This is especially helpful when it comes to prevention and early detection (“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” and all that!). Second, if you do get a clean bill of health, then you can rest easy at night knowing that all is well. Plus, you can feel free to embark on exercise and nutrition programs without worry.

Aging Gracefully – Tip #4: Cover Your Nutritional Bases
As we age, we may find it more difficult to cook and eat healthy, especially if we are cooking for one. That’s OK. One way to fill in any nutritional gaps is to take a complete supplement that covers your nutritional bases. The supplement should feed your mind and body, and assist with digestion so that you can get all the nutrition possible from the food you put into your body. Our favorite supplement is a daily packet that covers all of these areas. Look HERE  for more information on this simple yet essential nutritional source.

Aging Gracefully – Tip #5: Stay Social
One of the most important keys to healthy aging is maintaining an active social life. Many people over 100 years old who are still happy and healthy will tell you that a strong social network is one of the most important factors to keeping them young-at-heart. Any expert of healthy aging will tell you the same thing. Having social engagements keeps us moving forward toward events in life rather than stagnating in the same place. We are also more likely to stay active, make the effort to look and feel our best, and be mentally alert. Whether you stay social by actually leaving the house or having people visit you or staying connected on the computer, be sure to feed and nurture your social network. What you put into your social network will definitely pay you back!

Aging Gracefully – Tip #6: Support Your Body
Aches, pains, and general feelings of physical unwellness can keep us from aging gracefully. If you have specific physical ailments that are keeping you down, consult with your doctor or other types of healthcare providers to see what you can do to stay on top of your symptoms and feeling well. For those who favor natural solutions, adding adult stem cell support supplements to your daily regimen can do wonders. HERE is one example of an adult stem cell support supplement that can really support your body in replenishing its cells and help you feel more youthful!

Aging Gracefully – Tip #7: Take a Nap or Lots of Naps!
While napping may be considered “lazy” by some, research suggests that people who nap regularly are more likely to remain healthy than people who nap only occasionally or not at all. For instance, people who take regular naps are 37% less likely to die from heart disease than people who don’t nap regularly. Experts believe that napping tends to reduce stress hormones in the body, allowing us to relax and enjoy life. Now if that’s not a key to healthy aging, what is?

Aging gracefully isn’t only possible, it’s positively necessary! After all, who wants to age ungracefully or unhealthily? So take a gander at these 7 simple tips and see if any of them (or all of them) could be easily integrated into your life. Then you will be on your way to healthy aging, no matter your current age!

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