Sleep Your Way To Better Energy

Sleep is one of the ways the body recharges itself to have enough energy for the next day. But it’s not just the hours of sleep alone that recharges your energy level. Good quality sleep is also important.
About an hour and a half after a person goes to sleep, they enter the REM (rapid eye movement) stage of sleep. This is an important stage to enter for quality sleep. This is the stage of sleep that restores the body and the stage where we have dreams. If sleep is interrupted in this stage you can find you have trouble concentrating the next day, have a lack of energy and find yourself becoming drowsy during the day. To make sure you get the good quality sleep you need to recharge here are some nutritional solutions that can help.

Bluegreen algae with the cellwall removed:
Taking 1-2 capsules of this form of algae before bed can help relax the brain and help you to get a good night’s sleep.

Bifidus is an important part of early childhood development, and strongly affects our self-esteem, confidence and sense of wholeness. Adding 2-4 bifidus capsules to your evening regimen can help you wake rested, confident and ready to charge into your day!

Digestive enzymes not only help us digest our food, but on a metaphysical level, they can help us digest and “work through” the problems of the day. Take 2-4 enzymes before bed, go to sleep with a problem and chances are that you’ll wake up with a solution.

Using these natural solutions for nutritional support will help you get your zzz’s and help you sleep your way to better energy.

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