The Way to Your Heart is Through your Gut: Understanding the Gut-Heart Connection

by guest contributors Barbara Swanson and Mark Segars

Much of modern medicine is based on treating each body part as separate from the rest of the body. You have a primary care physician; but if you have earaches, you go to an ear, nose and throat specialist. For digestive problems, they are likely to send you to a GI doc. If you have heart issues, they send you to a cardiologist.

However, every organ and system is connected to each other. To truly treat a root cause of any ill, view your body as a whole.

Most people today understand that probiotics are key to good digestion. However, these good bacteria do far more. 

The Role of Probiotics and Heart Health
Probiotics play a key role in the transportation and re-absorption of cholesterol. Cholesterol is an essential component of good health. It forms part of cell membranes, hormones, and detergents that solubilize consumed fats. Some types of our good bacteria create an enzyme that beneficially affect cholesterol absorption, and can lower LDL-C (“bad”) cholesterol levels in blood.

Probiotics also are keyed in to our brain and benefit not only brain health but mood. They are essential for the production of serotonin, endorphins and much more. Want to feel more in love? Eat good bacteria!

What Are Probiotics?
The GI tract contains a multitude of resident microorganisms called “the gut microbiome”. Throughout your gut live trillions of bacteria, fungi and viruses. The genes in these bacteria in our gut outnumber our human genes by 150 to 1! Human health is dependent on having a healthy gut ecosystem. Many essential processes, including making some vitamins, are performed by probiotics. Probiotics can improve digestion, metabolism, positively influence the immune system, and even affect the nervous system to control pain! Your gastrointestinal (GI) system and its microorganisms can also provide support for heart health.

In Summary
Ultimately, the role of beneficial bacteria as stewards of health extends far beyond the gut, into your blood, your liver and even your heart. As we move into the new year, adding probiotics can help protect your health from the challenges of the winter season and much more! Acidophilus is particularly beneficial for the small intestine. It supports healthy immune function and helps keep our internal ecology in balance. Bifidus will help keep you moving! It helps reduce gas and bloating, increases healthy elimination and is even a key component of healthy B12 absorption. This full spectrum probiotic is the best of all worlds. A proprietary blend of 12 probiotics and prebiotics, it will tone and balance your entire GI tract, something most of us need help with in a world filled with stress and less-than-ideal food choices.

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