Are You Ready for Better Energy? 7 Natural Solutions for Better Daily Energy

Did you know that Americans are among the most sleep-deprived people in the world, which means that almost every adult in this country could use better energy! The bad news is that most Americans turn to coffee and energy drinks to get going in the morning, and then need sleep medications to slow down at night. This continuous cycle of uppers and downers confuses the body, not to mention stressing internal organs such as the liver and kidneys.

The good news is that there are many natural solutions for improving your daily energy, and all of them are simple–even for the busiest of people! If you want better energy and you want to avoid drinking an entire pot of coffee to keep you going all day, read on. We offer 7 natural solutions that are daily energy boosters. Follow these tips and learn how to improve energy naturally, in tune with your body’s natural rhythms.

7 Natural Solutions for Better Daily Energy
You may be surprised at the simplicity of these tips for how to improve energy. They include the foods you eat, the amount of sunshine you get, various ways to get your body moving, plus simple supplements that go a long way toward supporting your body’s natural energy production. Ready for simple natural solutions for better energy that really work? Then read on, McDuff!

#1 Better Energy Through Diet
You are most likely familiar with the energy boost that you get from sugar or caffeine … grabbing a candy bar is so simple when you hit that energy lull around 3 pm. More than likely, you are also familiar with the “crash and burn” that comes an hour or two later, when the sugar has worked its way through your system, and fatigue returns with a vengeance. Not good. Instead of reaching for a cup of coffee or a sweet roll, look for foods that keep your blood sugar steady and signal your brain to produce good-mood chemicals. For instance, whole grains such as brown rice and whole wheat bread will feed your body over a long period of time. Plus, studies show that whole grains increase the production of “feel good” brain chemical serotonin. Cashews, almonds, and hazelnuts–all high in magnesium–play an active role in converting sugars into energy … without a sugar crash later!

#2 Suck It Up — On Cinnamon, That Is
Few people know about the many health benefits of cinnamon. Studies have actually shown that taking a whiff of cinnamon can make you feel more alert and increase your daily energy levels. Sucking on a cinnamon stick produces similar results. As a bonus, cinnamon has natural health-protective properties. If you don’t have any cinnamon handy, suck on a peppermint candy instead. Peppermint has similar fatigue-fighting properties.

#3 Get Enough Sunshine
Want to know how to improve your energy in 10 minutes or less? Simple. Take a walk on a sunny day. Research shows that exposure to sunshine does everything from enhancing mood, memory, and even self-esteem. This is because exposure to sunlight increases the production of endorphins and serotonin in the brain. Getting enough sunshine is a simple natural solution for those who live in sunny states. If, on the other hand, you live in a state with fewer sunny days, you can still get enough sunshine into your system … and just as easily. Just add foods rich in chlorophyll to your diet. Chlorophyll is that substance that captures sunlight and converts it to usable sugars and foods. Dark leafy greens are great sources of chlorophyll. AFA blue-green algae is also excellent, since this form of algae also increases the production of mood-elevating substances in the brain, including typtophan, endorphins, serotonin, and PEA. AFA blue-green algae is literally like sunshine in a capsule … how neat is that?

#4 Sniff Some Good Stuff — Aromatherapy as a Way to Better Energy
Just as sucking on a cinnamon stick can boost your daily energy, sniffing certain aromas can give you an energy boost. For better energy any time of the day, consider sniffing essential oils such as grapefruit, peppermint, or lime. These have been shown to have the effect of making you more alert for a certain period of time.

#5 Eat Light to Be Bright
One of the biggest “sins” when it comes to how to have better energy is to gorge yourself at lunch! Digestion takes a lot of energy, and if you eat a huge lunch you can expect to feel sleepy an hour or two afterwards. One natural solution for better energy is to eat a good breakfast, a lighter lunch, and an even lighter dinner. Research shows that people who eat less and follow this schedule of eating are healthier and live longer. To give your body additional support in the digestive process, take one to two capsules of enzymes with each meal. Enzymes help your body break down foods more quickly and efficiently, so your body doesn’t have to work quite as hard to process your lunch!

#6 Have Some Chocolate — In Moderation, Of Course!
Yup, that’s right … we said chocolate. Studies show that chocolate can give you better energy because it is a mild stimulant. Chocolate also has other health benefits, such as lowering cardiovascular risks and boosting your memory. But don’t go crazy with the hot chocolate with the little marshmallows … that will only result in a sugar crash later in the day. Instead, try mixing up a cup of unsweetened cocoa with stevia (as a sweetener) and skim milk (for protein). This healthy recipe will satisfy your sweet tooth, give you better energy, and help you avoid a sugar crash later.

#7 Stretch Yourself
Whether you sit behind a desk all day or do heavy manual labor, chances are that your muscles don’t get enough stretching. Even those who have a very active physical lifestyle often neglect stretching their muscles. If you have been sitting in one position for long periods of time, a gentle 10-minute stretching routine will re-invigorate fatigued muscles, increase circulation, and bring oxygen to those muscles. For those who engage in heavy manual labor, stretching elongates muscles shortened by heavy labor. Either way, the increased circulation and oxygenation from stretching is one of the best ways to have better energy. Stretch multiple times per day to increase the benefits of this natural solution to daily energy.

Pick One Solution or Pick ‘Em All
As you can tell, none of these natural solutions to better daily energy is difficult. In fact, they are downright simple, not to mention sheer common sense. So if you are one of those sleep-deprived Americans (and chances are you are!) then choose one of the solutions above for better energy … or pick ’em all. Making simple lifestyle changes can make a big difference in the amount of daily energy you have. When you consider the above tips, how to improve energy is literally a “no-brainer”!

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