90 Days to a New You

guest contributor Barbara Swanson

Summer is often the time we use to be active and “get in shape”. What if you could use this as a springboard for a year-long health change for the positive? The New You Challenge is a lifestyle protocol for you to use for 90 days. We are pretty sure you will see differences if you stick to it!

What are the benefits people notice?

  • More restful sleep
  • Better mood
  • More energy
  • Better mental focus & clarity
  • More regularity
  • Better digestion
  • Clearer skin
  • Firmer muscle tone
  • Just plain ‘feeling good’! 

The “New You” Lifestyle Guidelines
Get enough SLEEP: Get at least 8 hours a day. Rest is the #1 deficiency in Americans (other than water). If you can’t do this, take a power nap of 20-30 minutes during your day.

Be more ACTIVE: Whether you walk, run, work out or garden, increase your activity 5 minutes a day, adding another 5 minutes every 5-7 days.

Drink more WATER: Most important to this process is drinking enough water. Most people are slightly to severely dehydrated. As you begin the New You program, your body will begin to cleanse and detox. In order for this process to work well, water is essential. We recommend at least 50 ounces daily, and for most people, 64 ounces is even better. A rule of thumb is to drink ½ your weight in ounces.
Example: If you weigh 150 pounds, drink at least 75 ounces. This may be a big increase, which can be difficult at first, so start with a minimum of 50 ounces and work up.

We STRONGLY recommend you drink purified water. A faucet filter is not only less expensive than plastic bottles, it is better for our planet. Even a Pur or Brita filter is better than plastic bottled water. If you have a local spring water source, you could use that instead.

Tips to make it easier to get this amount in daily:
a.  Make herbal or white tea. Using loose leaf, or 2-3 bags, make ½ gallon in the morning, then store in glass quart bottles. Drink throughout the day for better absorption of the water as well as added nutrients and antioxidants from the tea.
b.  Use a straw and drink from a cup–makes it easier to get more down at a time.

Coffee/carbonated drinks: Drinking coffee daily, if you have only 1-2 cups, is not terrible. If you drink carbonated drinks, I strongly encourage you to stop them–they leach calcium from your bones and can also cause digestive issues.

NO synthetic sweeteners AT ALL!!! Far healthier options:

  • Stevia
  • Monkfruit
  • Maple Syrup (in small amounts)
  • Honey

REMOVE processed & fast foods: They are not only empty calories, they are usually full of toxic additives, colorants and chemicals. You not only don’t get nourished, you actually can make yourself sick.

EAT whole foods
Protein: Try to eat a maximum of 3-4 ounces/meal. No more than 4 ounces of meat daily is really necessary for most people. This will really enhance better assimilation, which may help increase energy.

Vegetables: Add veggie protein sources, such as beans or quinoa.

Eat one meal daily as a salad–mostly raw vegetables, with added protein or potatoes or rice.

There are a lot of other tricks and tips to enhance turning back the clock on aging–but if you accomplish these, you are well on your way to feeling younger!

Enhance your changes with our whole food supplements. Below are some product suggestions with links for more information on each. Using these is optional. We know these products can help maximize your benefits. And of course, with the 90-day money-back guarantee, it is risk-free. (shipping costs are not refunded). However, the main protocol works, with or without adding these supplements.

New You 90 Day Challenge Products
Good: Add these combo packets of algae, probiotics and enzymes
Better: Add the above combo packs PLUS digestive enzymes
Best: Add both of the above and this antioxidant stem cell support supplement

Challenge Product Protocol
AM with breakfast: Take one of the combo packets
At lunch and dinner: Take 1 enzyme with each meal
At bedtime: Take 2 capsules of the stem cell support supplement and 1 enzyme

It’s that simple! You are getting powerful superfoods plus enzymes and 2 key probiotics in an easy-to-use program.

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