Sighing, Groaning, and Yelling Your Way Out of Stress

Are you stressed! If so, I have good news for you! Did you know that you can sigh and groan your way out of stress? Really. Sighing is a way of vocalizing the stress we feel, and releasing the pent up energies of the heart. Contrary to popular opinion, sighing is not always the sound of self-pity. Sighing actually releases excess energies and can be very uplifting.

Groaning is the primary sound of the kidneys, so groaning releases the pent up energies of the kidneys. Keeping the kidneys free of excess energies actually prevents kidney problems such as kidney stones, since the kidney reflects fear and the wrong use of will in our lives. An example of the wrong use of will is pushing yourself to do something even if it doesn’t feel right.

The primary sound of the liver is shouting. Vocalizing by shouting in an upbeat sound like “Haazzaaa” (pronounced with the same intonation as Hooray) can release the pent up energies of the liver. Excess liver energy is the primary cause of infections as well as a source of anger, so releasing liver energies promotes peace. Wheat sprouts are also beneficial in releasing excess liver energies, and can promote the rapid healing of infections.

Generally these sounds also clear the lungs because of the expelling of the air from the lungs and movement of sound through the lungs. So, you can really sigh and groan your way out of stress right now!

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