Get a Dose of Sunshine Inside and Out

Most of you probably already know the benefits of being in the sun like for getting your vitamin D and you probably know the dangers that go along with that dose of sunshine. But did you know you can get your sunshine inside as well as outside?

Sunshine for the Outside

The good thing about getting out for a dose of sunshine is that exposure to sunshine is needed for our bodies to create Vitamin D. This is an important nutrient for bones since Vitamin D gets the calcium from the intestines and kidneys into the bloodstream. Without Vitamin D, even if you get enough calcium, it can end up as waste material eliminated from the body instead of being used to strengthen bones. Of course, you do have to not overdo your dose of sunshine so as to protect your skin from damage and possible skin cancer. When you go out to enjoy outside activities in the sun, be one of the one in seven Americans that wears sunscreen daily. Make sure that your sunscreen has the ability to protect you from UVA and UVB rays as both these are damaging to skin. A truly quality sunscreen must have a strong UVB filter plus as many as three UVA filters.

Sunshine for the Inside

Chlorophyll is a substance that is very dense in blue-green algae and is an invention of nature that allows organisms to capture sunlight and convert it to usable sugars and foods, which we humans need in our diet. So basically, when you swallow a few capsules of blue-green algae, you are swallowing a little chunk of sunlight. True, chlorophyll converts that sunlight so that you are not actually swallowing light molecules, but you are swallowing a bunch of stuff that your body needs, including amino acids, sugars, vitamins, minerals, and trace minerals.

How Algae Works Like a Dose of Sunshine

There are many similarities between the effects of being exposed to sunlight and the effects of eating blue-green algae. Many people, when exposed to natural sunlight, report that they are in a better mood, and that their nerves are soothed. This is because exposure to sunlight increases the production of endorphins and serotonin in the brain. Eating a couple of blue-green algae capsules or tablets has a similar effect. This algae is a strong source of phenylalanine, an amino acid that crosses the blood-brain barrier faster than any other amino acid. Once in the brain, phenylalanine acts as a precursor to tyrosine and other mood-elevating substances. Bluegreen algae is also rich in trytophan, which has been shown to elevate mood, but only when accompanied by other vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, most of which are in the algae. Once trytophan arrives in the brain, it increases both endorphin and serotonin activity … just like sunlight!

Getting the benefits of sunshine inside and out is easy with AFA bluegreen algae and the right sunscreen. You can have the best of a sunny day anytime by enjoying your time in the sun soaking up your dose of sunshine and giving your body the benefits of sunshine from the inside out.

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