Summer Hacks for a Convenient Holiday

This is week is all about convenience and making your life easier this summer season. Stay tuned as we are going to share with you guys 3 extremely easy and important tips and tricks to make your summer more enjoyable! Also, if you guys are looking for a convenient way to get your algae nutrients, check out our convenient combo packs!

Bye Bye Mosquitoes

7 Facts About Mosquitoes

If you guys are looking for a simple hack to get those pesky mosquitoes away from biting you all summer, here is a more environmentally friendly solution! Use mosquito bands instead of that smelly, chemical filled bug spray! Mosquito bands are laced with special scents that keep those mosquito away, a much better alternative than having chemicals getting into your air ways and being sticky from that spray. These amazing bands are also waterproof and reusable, a great bang for your buck.

Solar Powered Phone

Portable solar systems in rural Mongolia | New technology re… | Flickr

Do you ever find yourself outside and having no where to charge up your phone that has died? Here is a great way to charge your phone and help the environment. Get yourself a solar-powered power bank that can charge your phone with the rays of the sun! It operates just like a regular power bank but along with being able to be usb charged, you can leave it outside for a few hours in the sun to become fully charged!

Finding the Perfect Melon

How to Pick a Perfect Watermelon - Eagle Eye Produce

While we at Prosperity Abounds have praised strawberries for being a perfect summer fruit, there simply isn’t a more iconic fruit than the watermelon. However, do you ever hate it when you are cutting into a watermelon and realized that it isn’t ripe enough and chose the wrong watermelon. And now you have to eat through a less than sweet fruit that is taking up so much space in your fridge. Do not fear however because there a few simple tricks that you can use to ensure that you are choosing the right watermelon every single time! One of the easiest ways to pick out a ripe watermelon is pay attention to the green stripes. The deeper the green, the more ripe it is! Another way to tell a watermelon’s ripeness is to look at the light colored splotch/oval that indicates where a watermelon rests on the ground. If the color of this splotch is a rich creamy yellow, that means it has been sitting for a while and is ripe! The lightly colored splotches means the melon didn’t have as long of a time to sit (ripen) before it was picked.

There you have it! Three helpful and convenient to make your summer days even better.


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