Summer Safe Workouts

Some of us love going outside to workout to get our daily dose of exercise and vitamin D. However, it can sometimes just be scorching in the summer, causing us to not want to go outside that day. Never fear, because Prosperity Abounds is here to share with everyone some summer safe workouts tips. If you are ever in need of a pre-workout to give you energy for the day, try out Drive!

Under the Water

One of the best ways to get your exercise in and also stay cool is to do some water centric activities! This can range from going for a swim at your local pool or even kayaking on the river. Other water activities that you can engage with include water aerobics, water skiing, surfing, wakeboarding, and playing water volleyball. While the sun continues to shine down on you, you can just take a dip into the water to cool off and hide from the rays. However, remember to always wear sunscreen as the water doesn’t protect you from UV rays! 8 Beautiful Spots To Go Kayaking in Austin Or Near The ATX

Singing in the Rain

Another great way to avoid melting in the summer heat is too go for a light jog when it is raining. While this might not be the most convenient as many places feel as dry as bones recently, it can be a fun occurrence once in a while. Not only will you get your exercise in, it might feel therapeutic as well, like your washing all of your troubles away. However, be mindful to wear non-slip shoes so the rain doesn’t cause you to fall and also avoid going outside if there is a lot of lightning and thunder.

File:Children running in the rain 2008.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

The Giving Trees

While the outside can be sweltering under the constant beating of the sun, many people find shelter in the shade of trees. If you are one to enjoy doing your workouts outside with fresh air, choose a heavily shaded area to avoid the sun rays. Under trees are a great way to do this because they not only provide a lot of shade, but also a scenic and aesthetic place for you to get into the zone.

File:In the shade of a tree at Watson park.JPG - Wikimedia Commons

Morning Yoga

Another great way to get some exercise is at the very beginning of day! While the sun has set at night, it sometimes still feel very hot until midnight. This might not be the safest time to go workout outside. However, the morning doesn’t feel that hot yet. So a great way is to do morning yoga to get a great start to your day! If you feel like you can’t wake up that early, we feel you, make sure to plan your sleep schedule ahead of time so you can wake up feeling refreshed and ready to get your yoga in.

Morning yoga - Free Image by Sukh Photography on

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