Good vs Bad Bacteria

Whenever we think of the word bacteria, we sometimes automatically associate it with bad and negative things they can do to our body. But there are actually good and bad bacteria! Today, we will be explaining the good and bad bacteria that can be found in your intestinal system. If you found yourself being intrigued by good bacteria, check out our spectra-biotic capsules that contain 8 types of bacteria to support your digestive track.

In the intestinal system, there are actually three types of bacteria: the good, the bad, and the opportunistic.

Good bacteria can help brain function better | Financial Times

Good Bacteria

The most typical good bacteria that is found in the intestinal system are Bifidobacteria, lactic acid bacteria (both can be found in spectra-biotic). Their main purpose is for Vitamin synthesis, digestion and absorption assistance, infection prevention, immunity stimulation which all work together for maintaining your body’s health. You might have also heard that you can get good bacteria from eating yogurt, also known as probiotics which are extremely beneficial to the digestive system.

Bad Bacteria

Typical bad bacteria that can be found in the intestinal system are Staphylococcus, clostridium perfringens, E.coli (toxic strain) which can cause Intestinal putrefaction, production of bacterial toxin, production of carcinogenic substances, gas production. While some of these problems may seem mild, over time they can build in strength can cause some potential life threatening disease. You can avoid bad bacteria by practicing good hygiene and taking proper food safety precautions.

Opportunistic Bacteria

Opportunistic bacteria differ from good or bad bacteria in the way that they are neither inherently good or bad. Typical strains include Bacteroidetes, E.coli (nontoxic strain), streptococcus. They don’t cause any problems if your body is in good health, but if you happen to have a weak immunity system, it can lead to adverse effects on your body. That means it is important to maintain good bodily health and you can start by using spectrabiotic!


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