Essential Health Advice for the Fall

With Fall just starting up, we at Prosperity Abounds wanted to share with everyone some Fall health essentials so you guys won’t fall ill to the pesky Fall germs. If you enjoyed learning about these health essentials, you might also enjoy our essentials blend! Packed full with antioxidant wheat sprouts, prebiotic, a full-spectrum probiotic and glucosamine, the essentials blend is excellent for joint support.

What Happens in the Fall?

Before we jump into some tips for staying healthy, it’s important to know just what you should be trying to prevent. The most common sickness is the seasonal flu which I’m sure you have heard of. While there are a lot of people who claim the flu vaccine works opposite of what it is intended, getting the flu vaccine is still an extra layer of protection agains the flu, low rate of success or not. Another thing to be wary of are fall allergies. Trees shed leaves, and some of them contain dust from smoke or pollution, while other plants release pollen this time of the year. Symptoms include runny nose, sneezing, coughing, and itchy and watery eyes. Sometimes wearing a mask can help reduce the pollen being inhaled and can reduce the symptoms of allergies.

And lastly, be wary of seasonal affective disorder (SAD) or depression, which can lead to sleeping problems and eating disorders. It is not exactly known but research suggests that decreased sunlight due to shorter days affects our body mechanism that regulates hormones, moods, and sleeping patterns.

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Now for the top tips in staying healthy this fall season:
  1. Always wash your hands
    Many harmful microbes enter the body cavities like the mouth, nose or ears via contact with hands, no matter clean they may look.
  2. Get at least 7 hours of sleep a day
    The main way our body recharges its energy is through sleep so make sure to get enough sleep so your body has enough energy to have a well oiled and functioning immune system.
  3.  Eat well and maintain a balanced diet
    Maintaining a healthy diet is extremely important for bodily health and giving your body the nutrients it needs is essential.
  4. Stay active
    Do cardio exercises to maintain a healthy heart, go to the gym to shed unwanted fat, join yoga classes to keep your body supple. Research also shows that exercising is beneficial to your mental health and can release dopamine for your brain.
  5. Reduce stress
    Autumn is a beautiful season so enjoy the outdoors. Does your work stress you out? Allow yourself to take some time off. When you are stressed, your body releases hormones that counteract your immune system’s ability to respond to harmful microbes. If you are struggling with feelings of depression or anxiety, click here for information about resources and support groups that are available to you.

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