Algae Powder in 4 Different Ways!

Wanting to stay healthy this holiday season? Try our three special algae powder blends in a variety of ways!

Find the three kinds here:

Here are our 4 creative ways to take our Algae Blends:

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  1. Drinks & Smoothies: The go-to way to use nearly any supplement powder is to mix it with a liquid. You can add it to your favorite smoothie recipe, a glass of fresh fruit juice, a bottle of coconut water, or even a fresh glass of lemonade.
  2. Salad Dressings: You can easily supercharge any salad by adding a dose of any algae powder to your salad dressing. You can even make your own dressing at home with the powder already added so you don’t even have to think about it next time you decide to enjoy a salad for lunch.
  3. Snacks: While you may not be able to add these algae powders to every snack, there are a few that a scoop of powder can easily enhance. Try adding it to homemade guacamole, sprinkling it on your favorite energy bar, or mixing it into your no-bake cookies. Just remember that these powders do best when they are not added to hot items.
  4. Skincare: That’s right! You can even include these algae powders in your skincare routine! In fact, organic Wild Microalgae can do wonders for your skin. Try adding some powder to your favorite, natural skincare products whether it be a nourishing moisturizer or hydrating toner.

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