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Thank you for your interest Prosperity Abounds, New Earth products, and the New Earth business. Prosperity Abounds is the brainchild of Alan Joel, independent distributor of New Earth (formerly Simplexity Health / Cell Tech) products. Prosperity Abounds offers a line of organic whole food supplements based on Super Blue Green Algae (SBGA) from New Earth (formerly Simplexity Health / Cell Tech), as well as a home-based financial opportunity.

Through Prosperity Abounds Alan has partnered with many people in creating prosperity, fun, adventure, magic and joy. He hopes to interact with you in the same wonderful way and looks forward to co-creating some terrific times together.

Below is a brief summary of his work so that you can get to know him better!

About Alan Joel

Alan has been a Doctor of Chinese Medicine for over 25 years, and a practitioner of shamanic healing techniques for over 15 years. He helps clients heal on many levels – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual – using a variety of traditional Chinese and tribal practices, as well as Edgar Cayce remedies and herbal/flower essence formulas.

Prosperity Abounds is dedicated to distributing the best organic, wild, whole foods (based on Super Blue Green Algae) from New Earth (formerly Simplexity Health/Cell Tech).

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