A New Year’s Story of Wealth

I would like to share with you some things that I have done to create wealth. I am a single parent and a few years ago I was at university, my daughter was little and money was in very short supply. The night I finished my last uni exam, I just arrived home after it and the engine in my car died. I had no car for 8 months because I couldn’t afford to get it repaired.

I found cleaning work in the area to which I could walk and I saved as much as I could. Eventually I had sufficient funds to get the car repaired and I then did relief teaching for a year. I began to save a little at a time. After three years and regular teaching work, I saved $7,000 in 6 months and was offered the opportunity to build a home. This I did. However, the home was beautiful, but where it was situated was not viable. So, I sold the house and we moved. Over the next year I saved $14,000. It was challenging but because of all of the years of financial struggle and little money, I had learned how to live on less without missing a lot. Being financially strapped for cash teaches you to manage your resources well and encourages creativity. It also teaches you the difference between what you need and what you desire. An experience of poverty can cause you to guard your finances well and it forms a habit that is life enduring. I have made a promise to God that every year I have work, I will sponsor another child through World Vision. I began sponsoring a child in Bangladesh when she was 8 years old. She is now 16. I did this in faith, having no money and no job.

Within 3 weeks I had a job. It was then that I made the promise. Now I sponsor 3 children and I am about to sponsor the 4th because I have just discovered that I have a new job for 2004. Not only that, but this year I bought my first investment unit. I have a habit of putting $2.00 in a jar every day and when I have $100.00, I put it into a high interest bearing account. At one stage, before I purchased the unit, I was getting $100 per month interest. One year I was expecting a tax return and there was an opportunity to purchase some shares. I spent all of the tax return which arrived on the day the payment for the shares was due. They have risen in value from $2.25 on the day that the company floated on the ASX to over $6.00 three years later. They have risen in value from $1,250 to $2,800. I also bought another parcel of shares last year and they are also rising well in value.

So, I am telling you this to encourage you and others to believe that even if you have nothing, you can create wealth. It’s a matter of perspective and it is really not to do with money but with one’s attitude to all of life.

I have raised my daughter since she was born with little or no support, have put myself through university, am now working in a profession about which I am passionate and in which I feel fulfilled and happy, and I am well on the way to purchasing my next property. If I can go from nothing to become wealthy, anyone can. You just must NEVER LOSE SIGHT OF YOUR GOAL AND YOU MUST NEVER GIVE UP. Negative circumstances appear to be that way and appear to be the truth, but in fact are just an illusion and you need to learn to ignore the illusion and just keep focused on the goal.

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