Anything is Possible

There are a lot of books and tapes about how to create prosperity in your life. At the very base of all of these techniques and approaches, though, lies a fundamental fact that must be understood first. What’s that fact? That anything is possible.

That’s right. Anything is possible. If you want to become a millionaire and you only have two dollars to your name right now, you can manifest your desire. Anything is possible.

If you are 40 years old and afraid to fly, but you want to become an astronaut, you can. Anything is possible.

If you have cancer and want to heal yourself and your life, you can. Anything is possible.

No matter what you want, or how impossible your dream seems to be, you must first and foremost understand that, on this Earth, anything is possible. Now, why is it so important to know that anything is possible? Because if you feel that only certain things are possible, or that manifestation only works for certain people, then you will always be limited when it comes to manifesting your dreams.

What if you just can’t bring yourself to believe that anything is possible? Then that’s the first place you need to focus your attention. To increase your belief in the “anything is possible” principle, look for as many miracles as you can in life. Go watch the movie “Seabiscuit,” – that’s a true story about a miraculous horse and rider. Read the story of Abraham Lincoln, who failed time and time again before becoming elected to a government office. Find people who have beat the odds (there’s one in every town) and listen to their story. Read stories of hope and persistence. If you really do your research in this department, you will be amazed at what you find – and, more importantly, you will begin to truly understand that anything is possible.

So before you start out on your journey to prosperous living, check in with yourself and see if you believe that anything is possible. If so, then proceed to the next step. But if not, stop right there! Work on this belief until it is real for you. You will find manifestation is much easier once you understand this simple principle. Good luck and have fun with this!

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