Attitude Attracts

There’s an old saying that “the level of your being attracts the level of your life.” In other words, your general tone or attitude toward life will be reflected in the different areas of your life, including your checkbook. If you want to have a generous and prosperous bank account, the best place to start is with your attitude.

Here’s a method for checking your attitude. First, when you wake up in the morning, check in with yourself. What’s your attitude? Are you relaxed and languorous after a good night’s rest or are you tense and anxious? What thoughts, if any, are running through your mind? Keep a notebook by your bed and jot down a few words about your general attitude. Then, at night, check in again. Review the events of your day and get a general sense of your attitude. Were the events upbeat and happy or were they argumentative and tense? Keep a running log for a week – and be honest!

At the end of the week, look back over your log and assess your general tone. If your checkbook or financial status is low, chances are your attitude is also low. If you find that your attitude has been less than generous all week, try this little exercise for expanding it (and your checkbook). Once a day, intentionally go out of your way to be generous, expansive and kind toward someone. It doesn’t have to be someone you know – just pick a person to be generous with. You might compliment someone’s outfit, give someone a smile or tip a little more generously than usual at a meal. Whatever you choose, keep it simple and easy. Be as sincere as possible. Most importantly, don’t expect anything back from that person, and don’t tell anyone about your kind act.

Keeping your kind act of the day under wraps is really the secret of success for this exercise. The Universe responds to your generous attitude and reflects that generosity through your bank account and the richness in your life. Do this exercise consistently for a week or two and see what comes to you. Whatever it is, it will be good!

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