Avoid Being a Vegetable in Old Age: Eat More Vegetables and Fruits

Do you know the two main factors that lead to loss of brain function?

Stress and inflammation.

Experts now believe that stress and inflammation in our bodies contribute significantly to cognitive impairment. At the same time, studies show that eating more foods rich in flavonoids can slow the loss of brain function as we age. Flavonoids are natural nutrients that occur in our bodies and are also found in a variety of foods. Because flavonoids have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, these nutrients can combat stress and inflammation, both of which contribute to the decline of brain function.

The Research

A number of studies support the fact that flavanoids are good for your brain. For instance, the “Nurse’s Health Study” showed that in more than 120,000 women, increased consumption of strawberries and blueberries (both rich in flavanoids) slowed cognitive decline in older women. In other words, these women ate more flavanoid-rich foods and their brains stayed sharper as they aged.

Another study, published in the the journal “Nutrition and Cancer,” indicated that flavanoids also support the body’s immune system against cancer. In this 20-year study, the people with the highest intake of flavanoids had a 44% lower risk of oral cancer plus 40% less occurrence of laryngeal cancer. A diet high in flavanoids, according to the same study, also decreased a person’s risk for other types of cancer, such as colon, breast, ovarian, and kidney cancer.

These are just two of the many studies that indicate the healthy benefits of eating more flavanoids.

Foods High in Flavanoids

We already know that eating more flavanoids is good for you, and that berries are high in flavanoids. What other foods are high in flavanoids?

  • Tree fruits such as apples, oranges, and bananas
  • Nuts and beans like black and kidney beans plus cashews and pistachios
  • Red and green vegetables such peppers, eggplants, and red onions plus celery, artichokes and okra
  • Micro-algae, especially AFA blue-green algae, which is high not just in flavanoids but also has a wide variety of antioxidants

The Take Away

The take away lesson here is simple: to keep your brain sharp throughout your life, eat a flavanoid rich diet or supplement your regular diet with whole food supplements such as AFA blue-green algae. By doing so, you will counteract the effects of stress and inflammation, thus preventing damage to your brain!

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